phoenician casino is baadasss


Dormant account
May 24, 2004
Orange County, CA
Well, I've found my casino of choice. The Phoenician. I lost a couple hundred there the first 2 times I played. E-mailed them and explained my loss and that I'd missed the bonus signup, so they credited me a tiny $30. Sooo - I turned that $30 into $600, and then in a fit of greed lost it ALL, in a matter of hours. My lesson? RTG blackjack is definitely fair, win some lose some, and - cash out while you're ahead! Dear god why didn't I!!! Damnit! Oh well, gotta wait till next payday.

Anyhoo, I hear their neteller payouts are lightning quick, their service is great, and the games seem fair. Now if the rest of the online gaming community will catch up.