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Nov 6, 2003
I saw that pharaohs casino had new video poker and you guys seem to speak well of them so I tried it. It was nice that the welcome bonus was immediate. I play VP on all kinds of software so I think I am a good judge. I felt that they went overboard on the graphics...too fancy and therefore too slow! You cannot change options so the double up otion is going to come up each win. I tried Bonus Poker and Jacks or Better and never got more than a full house once or twice. I was out of money in a very short time. So sad that it was a bust as I am hunting new places to play.
LOL, not new VP, new VP slots.

There's a difference. In the case of JOB, a 1000% difference.

At least they point this out in the promo literature.
Sorry to hear it. I had better luck than you, I guess. :p

Well, I finally hit that "deposit" button :D . It had been very busy and crazy summer here and I need a break, so I deposit $88 at Pharaohs for the new VP game on Friday night. Got few Full house and 2 4OK. I cash out $232 (gave up the bonus $44) after half hour play. Well, I am not a very experience VP player, so I don't really know the difference.

Have a good one!
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you guys are really 'adventurous' indeed
taking a $44 bonus with a wager requirement 75 times its size
and the only game allowed is ..ahem...VP SLOTS...

I was playing for FUN and when I chose the VP tab and the NEW GAMES tab, I saw the same list of VP what happened to the old, inferior VP games that BM used to offer?
I'm confused. I did not see any 'regular' VP on their site. Is there? I am a new player there. What is the difference between VP and VP slots on their site? I know there are dozens of slot type VP like spin poker and chase the royal etc, but these are set up like a regular game...with a good pay schedual I might add. Although the bonus poker payout is more like double bonus with the aces at 800 credits.
It really doesn't matter to me. I just need a break and thought I might give it try. VP is not my game and I got tired after half hour play (midnight & few glasses of wine...)

I didn't even think about winning or try to cash out the bonus (too hard), but I got lucky, I guess. I played at Pharaohs few times before and I lost a lot :oops: . So I might just cash out this time before I lost it all again :D ....
So you can withdraw without finishing the WR and all they do is to take out the bonus? You still get to keep the winnings if you happened to have luck on your side?
The addition of these video poker games is a step in the right direction, imho, for Boss Media and/or Pharaohs. I have wondered for some time now why they don't offer better game selection. But still, Boss seems to be missing the point. Players like variety AND speed/smoothness. The software is too elaborate and too slow. Even their poker software is irritating, although the games are typically very soft.

As the original poster mentioned, the pay tables on these games are very reasonable. I'll play them, but I would enjoy them more if they were faster. One option that would have been nice to see would have been regarding the "double" feature. Too bad you can't turn it off. It is annoying and lends to the slowness of the game.

Well, perhaps they'll wise up and change things in a Version 4 someday.

In the few years I have been playing online, I've noticed Boss Media's clientele lose a lot of members. I wonder what's happening in Boss Media Land. There were at least six members in the Cyber Croupier Group that disappeared. Several others have closed and/or jumped ship to other software.

Boss seems very trustworthy and solid. A good place to gamble. Their WebDollar pays fast, too. The only downside has been lack of game variety and slow software. I still they they are going to get it together some day and be a major player in the industry.

By the way, another poster mentioned 75 times WR. That's wrong. The Pharaoh's promotion calls for 25 times B&D. Not unreasonable.
75XB is what I am talking about :thumbsup:
and you put at risk your own money twice that amount
and the only game that is allowed is VP slots
VERY bad bonus I would have to say...even though you can withdraw anytime.

don't get me wrong, I am a fan of BM...although if I were to choose one software to stick for life, I'd probably go for RTG. BM gives you a real casino feel...with the multi-player feature and real looking graphics. It is slow but you never see dealers onland deal you 30 hands per minute, do you?
Paul1 you are so right. They need to understand the more serious VP players and let us take the double up option off. Way tooooo slow, I was bored out of my mind. Don't you think that the bonus poker is really double bonus with that pay schedual? It makes a lot of difference in how you play. I won't be back for sure.
Sorry snuf419, I misquoted you. Yeah, 75 X bonus. Still, though, not unreasonable.

And yes, Venetian, that's Double Bonus. I wouldn't give up on Boss Media. I think they're going to get things right someday. And I trust their software.
Are you sure about the WR is 75x ? IT said" deposit bonus", not "deposit + bonus". If anyone want to try, it might be a good idea to ask their CS first. Here is the copy from their website:
Bonus Rules:
This promotion runs from August 18 - 31 (GMT).
Receive 50% bonus with a deposit of exactly $88 or $288.
Only wagering on the Video Poker Slots will count towards the wagering requirements.
Other games are excluded and not allowed to play before the requirements are fulfilled.
New members receive a $30 Welcome Bonus with their initial deposit, a subsequent deposit of $88 or $288 will give the 50% bonus.
The daily random prizes will be credited within 48 hours, the winners will be notified via email.
Wagering requirements: 25x (deposit bonus).


It's a tough one if you want to make money, but nice one if you just want to "play". I was ready to "donate" the $88, but got lucky :D . I usually loose money on playing VP games. I do like one thing here: I can withdrawal anytime even it means "give up the bonus or carry over WR". It's much better than "no cashin allowed until you meet WR". BTW, I got paid in 2 business days. :)
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I just completed the wagering requirements for this promotion. They were 25X Deposit + Bonus...or 75X Bonus as mentioned before. Went with the $144 for $288 option...which required almost $11K in action to fulfill. The cashier will let you know when you can cash out. Got a couple 4 Aces in the Bonus poker to get way ahead, and survived a terrible late run to manage a small profit.

I enjoyed the games overall. I liked the variations in the double-up game. Instead of the standard hi-lo, most of the games have a guess the next card's color (2x) or suit (4x). Would have liked the option to turn this off however...and also would have liked to modify the speed.

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