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Jun 1, 2002
Being an old client when their new software version was released I received a CD & a bonus chip. So far so good!

I played the bonus & thought it was pretty fair, so kept it on my system thinking I'd make a deposit at some stage.

Maybe 2 months later I received a promo saying deposit a min of $25 & get a $30 welcome bonus.

Anyway last Friday I made a $25 deposit, but the $30 was not creidted imediately, thinking i had to log out then log in I tried this, still no bonus. Well I played the $25 through & then contacted support.

I received an e-mail back stating I had to deposit $30 to get the $30 signup bonus.

Unfortunetly I have a system crash & lost all my data, though considering the time frame, I doubt the promo would still be in my inbox, as I get around 300 e-mails a day anyway, so most get purged within a week.

Bottom line is I contacted support who stated I had to make a further $5 deposit to gain the $30 bonus.

They also stated " Pharaoh's Casino reserves the right to alter or remove special bonuses without prior notice, but will always endeavor to act fairly in doing so."

I'm not very impresses about the way in which Pharaoh's Casino has handled this matter.

Ok it's only $25 no big deal, but it's the principle of the matter here, and that's why I'm not impressed.

In future I will be make it a practice to save every promo that I receive, that I intend to take the offer on.
Just received this reply from their CSR.

----- Original Message -----
From: >,<,
To: >,<,
Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2003 4:05 PM

Dear Mr. Xxxxxxxxx,

Thank you for contacting Pharaohs Casino support.

In order to receive the $30 Sign-Up bonus, you need to make a minimum deposit of $30. I have checked you account and you have deposited only $25 and that is the reason why you did not receive the bonus. Please deposite another $5 and notify the Casino Support about this deposit and we will credit your account with the Sign-Up bonus.

Below, you can read the terms and conditions of the $30 Sign-Up bonus, that was also posted on the website.


All new players who open an account will automatically receive the welcome bonus after their first deposit. The minimum deposit to obtain the welcome bonus is $30.

All promotions are available only once per person, family, e-mail address or credit card number.

The welcome bonus may NOT be used in combination with any other promotion scheme currently offered by Pharaoh's Casino.

10x Playthrough Requirement To ensure fair casinoplay, bonus, plus the amount of your deposit required to obtain that bonus, must be wagered a minimum of ten (10) times before requesting a withdrawal. (Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Sic Bo and PaiGow excluded)

*Players from Denmark and Isreal need to wager Twenty (20) times Bonus+Deposit

The play-trough requirement applies on all deposited amounts and bonuses connected to any promotion. A first deposit of $20 will not result in a bonus.

Pharaoh's Casino reserves the right to alter or remove special bonuses without prior notice, but will always endeavour to act fairly in doing so.

In case of abuse, Pharaoh's Casino reserves the right to discontinue player's membership and to prevent the player from accessing the Casino in the future. No money can be withdrawn from these accounts.

Best regards,

Xxxxxx Xxxxxx
Casino Support Representative

Unfortunately looks like I'm screwed on this matter. My optimism has been deflated again. Now where's that uninstall button.
But Why take the bonus anyway? You have to tie your money up with theirs. And must abide by there rules. 10X my A$$ you came out better just depositing $60 and playing anyway you like.
They backed me off saying that my play was "abusive". I lost my entire depoosit of $1,000, made another one and won $1,200. I could not believe it. A Boss Media CS told me she did not consider my play abusive. Turns out they said I wagered the minimum on several occasions. Ok I made a mistake, but geez louise, they have no respect for someone who lost $1,000!!!!

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