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Why would Pharoah's Casino (
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) not be on your list of good on-line casinos? I've had no problems with them but wonder if I'm just lucky (not necessarily in the money sense).

I've found this casino to be reputable. It uses Bossmedia software, which is one of my favorites. Overall I'm am still ahead of the game with Bossmedia. Speed of gameplay here is fast, and graphics and animation are good. When I cashout, the amount of time it takes for me to receive my bankdraft varies greatly. Sometimes I get it almost immediately, other times it takes 2 weeks.
The customer service here is good, and the 800# operators are friendly. They generally answer my emails within a day.
I've installed their Multiplayer software and I have to say this is really amazing. I won ($250) for the very first time I played an online casino and find their software superb compaired to other casino's. It was great fun chatting and playing BJ. I can recommend these games to all who like to play 3D animated games. Now I gonna wait for my draft to come in, this is the only thing they could improve.....
So it's the first time you played an online casino but the software is much better than the other casinos? So you've tried other casinos then?
Hi Sirius,

I played some casinos (Fun and Real)in the past ..... playing for real, I mostly ended up broke. I'm no highroller, just played some $50 or $100 the times I was online.
This is the first time I really cashed in. The best news is I received my draft yesterday.

In the past I played at Lucky Nugget, Cyberspades, Sharky's, Yellow Cab and Oscar Casino. Lucky is okay, but can't life up to Pharaoh's standards I'm afraid.

James c
I discovered that Pharaoh's is the only Casino with a single zero roulette! Even the other Bossmedia Casino's don't have one!!!

Hi Luke,

Yeh, they recently changed their tables from Double 0 into Single 0, to give the players better odds. I like the game, it's almost if you're playing in a landbase casino.
Dear on earth could you recommend this casino???? I downloaded the multiplayer version...only to find out that NOT ONE OTHER PLAYERS WAS PLAYING...LMAO!!! The odds are terrible and the site kept losing its connection. This casino definitely belongs in the BORING section of this forum!!
Hey Babygirl,

I've always recommended this casino for several reasons:
Its had relatively no complaints and their customer service very responsive.
I like the theme and the way the casino looks and feels (but that's quite subjective isn't it? I'm into Egyptians I guess).
I've had no problems with the games. In fact I initially deposited $35 and I believe my account is at $175 or so, playing mainly Blackjack with mostly $5 dollar bets (a major achievement for me). :)
As for the odds, they aren't really that bad. Price Waterhouse Coopers states that their payout was 97.91% for September. Intercasino was 97.5%, Captain Cooks ws 96.69 and Omni's was 97.49% for the same month (Omni's blackjack was 98.31 so maybe I should be playing there).
As for no one else being there for the multiplayers, maybe you visited them on a slow day or since you were losing your connection frequently, perhaps they were having problems with their server and others were having the same problem. I'll ask them and see if this was what was going on.

Is there a BORING section of the forum? I seriously hope not! LOL

The music that played in the backround on Pharaoh's version 1 has disappeared in version 2.
Its strange. I think Boss accidently left it out.

Business has been very slow there lately.
Oh, oh. That's a bummer. I can really drone out to the music. I'll contact them to see what's up.

Hi Babygirl,
I'm sorry to hear you didn't enjoy your first visit to Pharaoh's to much. I noticed you have been playing Keno for approx. 30 minutes. On the day you visited Pharaoh's another 452 people logged on to the casino. Because you had trouble with your connection,this could explain why you didn't see anyone in the guestbook or at the tables.
Our odds are really not as bad as you think. Bossmedia casinos are known for their high payout ratio. If you don't believe my words or Bryans, please go to and see Pharaoh's is listed in last months the TOP 5 Highest Payout.
With all respect, I don't think you can say the odds are terrible, only playing $40+$30BONUS on Keno.

Anyway, comments like these are always appreciated, because they make us realize there is always something to improve.

And Dave R,
We didn't leave any background music out in version 2, it only seems some computers are having problems playing it. We're looking into it and will come up with a solution in the near future.

Good Luck at the virtual tables, (no matter which casino, though Pharaoh's tables would be nice)

D. Silverman

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