Petition to Repeal this gambling ban act


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Dec 16, 2004
Palm Bay Florida
Petition to Repeal this gambling ban act


Anyone of you can do this. And it is gonna take us all helping to be heard. Print a copy of this and go round to anyone you can and get it signed, then send or take it to your State Senator and Congressmen. This is something We all can do!!
For this to be repealed we will need a MAJOR effort by all of those that are concerned.


We the people of these United States of America petition the 110th Congress to immediately examine and Repeal that portion of the SAFE PORT SECURITY ACT that refers to Online Gambling Issues. We the People believe that this Amendment was added to this very important Security Issue sneakily and without debate in the early morning hours to further the careers of certain politicians by appeasing their base of support, which is, much less than that of those this amendment actually affects. This amendment had been voted on in the past and has always been defeated, only when it is added to a must pass bill of such great importance was it passed, and that is due primarily to the way it was included in a non-related, very important Port Security Bill without the ability to be challenged. We the people find this as an intrusion to our rights to act as a free people, it precludes us to think and make mature, adult decisions on how we exercise our liberty, it denies us the ability to spend our own money as we see fit. It is just another loss of freedom we have been made to endure, due to politics. There is no real basis for this to become the law of the land. We should encourage free enterprise and freedom of expression. Our recreational time is ours to enjoy as we, the people, deem important to ourselves. We the people find this law discriminatory, as it does not ban other such gambling activities such as land-based casinos, horse racing, off track betting, lotteries and bingo. We the people demand that this Congress take swift, remedial action to correct a situation that is unfair to many millions of United States Citizens. How about a few lawyers getting involved to help out. Sending letters to this forum is a good thing but this movement NEEDS ACTION. We need your help in all areas to get this going.

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