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Pet Peeves

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by Vegasbum, Jul 28, 2017.

    Jul 28, 2017
  1. Vegasbum

    Vegasbum Senior Member

    I enjoy playing from time to time but sometimes wonder how much the casinos respect us. It seems everything is in the casinos favor with little care to customers. Here are some of the things that bug me about online casinos.

    My Pet Peeves:

    1. Easy to deposit but next to impossible to withdraw. Do you not want us to return?

    2. Casinos that hide the bonus terms. Really convenient for the casino. Make it so that customers can't find the terms and when they break them we can refuse the withdrawal. There is no other reason not to have the bonus terms included with each bonus offered so customers can decide if it is a good bonus or not. +EV for the casino.

    3. Put the max coin button right next to the spin button. Every person that has played casinos for awhile has hit the max button by mistake at least once while playing. Sure maybe the guys who design the game are responsible but I have to believe the casinos are in favor of this design. Again not helping your customer and just looking after your own interest.

    4. Some games are set to open at a high cost if you happen to hit the spin button without looking. All games should open at the lowest coin...period.

    5. Customer service that either don't want to answer your questions or really don't know the answers. Chatting to a customer service person who does not understand their own casino is so frustrating. Yes I know there are many good and knowledgeable chat agents but we all have dealt with the clueless ones. Some times they play dumb for a reason.....and it is not for our benefit.

    6. Casinos who get accredited and then the reps disappear.

    7. Bonuses. Why even bother offering a small bonus like say 10%. So you deposit 100 and get 10 dollars added. Now you must make say 3000 play through just to cash out...really?? Why are casinos afraid to offer more 100% bonuses. They say they take a loss on them. If they want to see losses try being a customer using a bonus

    8. While playing on a bonus the following 97... games are not allowed. AND if you play any disallowed games you will be denied a cash out. (Just because we love and respect our dear customers)

    9. Play Through. Casinos that do 40X....60X and more for a bonus. On top of this it is once again often hidden in the bonus terms....if you can find them. Your odds are so small of even making a cash out that bonuses are gold to casinos. Also they often charge play through on both the deposit AND the bonus money. Some even take the bonus money back IF you win (sticky bonus). Just greed for casinos. They assume we are all idiots or addicted gamblers who just want action at any costs.

    10. Withdrawals. So you finally win and go to make a withdrawal. Puts you in a good mood and you have found a casino you will return to...until they tell you it will take 48 hours (or more) and this is not counting weekends. But not to worry dear trusted customer because you can reverse the withdrawal at any time while you are waiting and go right ahead and play some more. You with draw on a Friday and have to wait until Wednesday or longer to get your money hmmmm....it took seconds to deposit and forever to withdraw. Huge advantage for the casino...and they know it. Again casinos, do you not want us back???

    11. Live chat that only work certain hours of the day. WHAT?? Your casino is open 24 hours a day all over the world but your help people have gone home for the day?? Really?

    12. Term and Conditions that you have to be a lawyer to understand. Of course we all know the reason for this.

    13. Before you can withdraw you money casinos need proof who you are. Fine. But then they say things like sorry we can not read your scan (while other casinos had no problem) or we need more things other than you drivers license...passport...utility bill...signed notarized letter from your bank president...grocery bill and a picture of the tattoo on your ass.....

    I could keep going on and I am sure you all have your own pet peeves. It just seems like many casinos have no idea how to treat a paying customers. We are your bread and butter. Treat us right, let us enjoy your place of business and we will return. Don't keep driving us away
  2. Jul 29, 2017
  3. jjezebel37

    jjezebel37 Meister Member mm1

    Belfast (Northern Ireland)
    Number 6 on your list is bug bearer of mine. I find some casinos (mention no names) are fantastic during BOF then when they get accredited, they disappear faster than a toupee in a hurricane.

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