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Jun 24, 2006
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Weekly webcast for the online gaming industry. This week we look at the NETeller pull out from the American market, and why would the United Kingdom label poker a game of "chance"?

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I would like to propose to anyone and everyone close to any B&M casinos to go and take a camera phone with them and video tape (mine has this capability) the different ATM machines as they are being used inside the casino (without being caught of course!).

Now, if this isn't wire transfers or credit card useage for gambling, I will eat my hat! Then video the amount of traffic they are getting. These videos (with faces blanked out of course) need to be posted on the youtube site and elsewhere to show how two faced this bill is and embarrass our leaders into making it right.

The way I see it is, I can max out my credit card legally INSIDE the casino because I know I won't be coming back for a while and a frenzy of play will happen due to lack of visits and not caring at the moment vs. relaxing at home and have a friendly game every once in a while when the mood hits because I have access to it at any time. Just doesn't make sense!

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