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Jun 24, 2006
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Weekly webcast for the online gaming industry. This week our opening credits recap the 2006 year in online gambling. Plus, we expose Party Gaming's plan for American player accounts, and online gambling will soon be legal in New York state!

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Unreal policy, ban US players then charge a service fee each month for not playing. Now looks like Belle-Rock (Referback) is following Party Gaming, this is an email I just received and they want to charge $30!

When players dont play on any of their casino or poker room
accounts for six calendar months or more, and the accounts
have credit balances remaining, a monthly administration
fee is levied in accordance with the Dormant Accounts


-The administration fee is levied to cover the cost of
keeping the dormant accounts open as well as to cover the
cost of ongoing attempts to contact players to let them
know they have funds available to play online.
The fee is a monthly deduction of 30 credits or the
remaining balance (if it is less than 30 credits).
Go to
to view the Policy online.

Belle Rock Entertainment includes:
* River Belle Online Casino, Multiplayer Casino and Online
Poker Room
* The Gaming Club Online Casino and Online Poker Room
* Lucky Nugget Online Casino and Online Poker Room
* Jackpot City * Aces High * Showdown
* Home Casino

Your account(s): *********
has been dormant for five months. This means that next
Month you may be affected by the policy. BUT, if you
Login and play before January 9th 2006 you wont be
affected at all.

You might have questions about this policy, our 24/7
Customer Services will gladly assist you.
Presumably you have complaints from BelleRock clients in the 11 forbidden States to support this allegation?

MGS casinos are, as far as I am aware otherwise accepting US players.

BTW I have asked Party Gaming's head office for an official comment on this issue - no response thus far.
This is the first time Belle Rock has sent me an email saying they are going to charge $30 per month for inactive accounts. I do not know if they are not sending these out to the "forbidden 11" players. I will get clarification from them and let you know what they say.
I'm assuming you're located in one of those states, and if this is the case then this is definitely out of line i.m.o.

But it may be an admin snafu rather than a deliberate attempt to screw you, hence our request for official comment from the companies concerned.
If they closed players accounts they should have cleared the account right then and there when they closed that account.
This is plain wrong!

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