Perspectives Weekly - Is big brother getting too big?


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Jun 24, 2006
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Weekly webcast for the online gaming industry. NETeller makes a deal with the devil, nazis roam Washington State, plus industry news.

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Can you believe the Government can take your stuff and not charge you with any crime?!?
OMG, just when you think it couldn't get any wierder... it does. Un-freaking-believable.

Keep up the good work J. Todd:thumbsup:
Hello, friends :)

Thanks for all the wonderful support from the Casinomeister crew. Yes, that was the letter from Catrina's post. We watch the forums, blogs, and boards as much as we can.

Next week, we hope, will be very informative with the NETeller interview. Never hesitate to share information, ask a question, or steer us in a particular direction. :thumbsup:

J. Todd
Wow, that is scarey stuff. Funny how things like them taking all that guys stuff without charging him with a crime, doesn't make more news headlines, huh? Americans need to wake up and smell the coffee, it's starting to scorch.
Hola all you beautiful peoples, you... LOL! =)

It's very nice to be appreciated, and I hope you all know that without your support it would never be worth the risk or the effort to produce these. But because I know you all are out there, it makes it all worth it... and I thank you!

COMING NEXT: Our interview with a VP at NETeller!

How about a tub or shower scene without all the bubbles, hmmm?

Woohoo! *blushing* Well, that would be a "different" kind of video all together, wouldn't it?! LOL!

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