Perspectives Weekly 06/27/08


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Jun 24, 2006
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Stupid! Stupid! Oh, so stupid! As new legislation to end the online gambling ban fails in congress, we look at the next big "threat" to our industry: Alabama Representative Spencer Bachus... and boy, is he stupid!

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Talking about stupid, I just sent off an email to my Rep Randy Forbes for our area to tell him just how stupid this man is. Here he is talking about "protecting" our children from online gambling (and when was the last time anyone seen a kid of 5,6 or even 7 gambling) when the supreme justices just passed a law stating abusing kids sexually, defiling them and any other atrocious thing a person can think of to do to a child is NOT a crime fit for death...

Dear lord, our country has really gotten stupid! Worrying about 5 and 6 year olds gambling but not worried that now they have given the pedophiles carte blanche with this new law to rape a molest our kids..and here is the long as they leave the child alive, the pedophile cannot be put to death..just like saying it's open season on kids!

But yet Alabama Representative Spencer Bachus wants to "protect" these kids from gambling...but not from pedophiles...I am truly sick over this..and my emails have been flying..anyone in Alabama..PLEASE write this man and tell him what he has just confirmed...that our kids are not worthy of protection from the most horrid of acts and yet he sings the praises of knocking down a law everyone is against and does NOTHING to protect our kids.

We cannot email him from another state, I have tried but I keep getting sent back to my own Rep. PLEASE contact him and tell him just how STUPID he really is if you live in his district...

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