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Join the Fight! If there was ever a time it's right now! We take the battle to the streets! Also an online casino program warning and industry news.

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Join the fight! We're taking the war to the streets, and it's a Battle in Seattle! Plus industry news!

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Dear Members and Friends,

The Association of Players, Casinos & Webmasters ( is pleased to announce a working relationship and an agreement to terms with the NEW management at the Gambling Wages Affiliate Program. Gambling Wages had been accepted as an APCW Gold Member earlier this year, but under the OLD management had failed to meet their membership obligations.

Originally, the APCW reported these issues on our May 9th, 2008, video, to warn players and webmasters of the non-communication and non-payment issues. This morning, we were contacted by the new Gambling Wages Manager, Mr. M. Addams, who took a great interest in correcting the issues and problems of previous management, and in working with the APCW in the future. As a result, we have amended our video report to reflect this change.

Having spent all morning in communications with Mr. Addams, we feel confident that his commitment to his program, customers, affiliates, and the APCW is sincere. And, given his longevity and reputation in this industry, we also believe he can work well with the APCW to turn the Gambling Wages program into a solid and reliable organization.


J Todd
APCW Administrator
Too bad Gambling Wages promotes some of the worst casinos on the net :rolleyes:

Cirrus Casino?
Players' Club?

Don't be fooled by the "new management" spiel - we've all heard that one before :D

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