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Nov 14, 2005
What is everybody's personal betting strategy for BJ online. Which ones seem to work best? Also, I'd imagine the strategies change per casino you go to.
Depends on how you like to play.

Personally, I'm a go big or go bust kinda guy. As such, I'm a big fan of positive progressions. Start out betting one unit, then if I win double it, and repeat until I hit the table limit.

this kind of play means I bust way more than I win, but when I do book a winning session, it's an amount that's actually exciting! Also, if I get a little lucky, I might have a *HUGE* win, instead of just an okay one.

The naysayers will correctly tell you that I've done nothing at all towards beating the casino, and all I've done is jacked my variance through the roof. They're right.
I don't think there are any specific BETTING strategies concerning BJ.

BJ, IMHO, is a casino game where your winnings are as much as your bettings. E.g., you can hit the jackpot or even get some hundered bucks with a single coin at a Slot Machine - this is ALMOST impossible at a Blackjack Table.

If you want to win some bucks with BJ, you have to bet some bucks. That's what I think.

Personally, when I play BJ (and have no bonus to claim), I decide how much should I spend for every hand and cashout when (and IF!) I win ten times the amount I bet each hand. So, if I bet $10 for each hand, I will cashout if I manage to make a hundred bucks - even if that happens in the next 5 minutes. You see, experience has taught me to be as less greedy as I can..
schnozzy said:
Personally, I'm a go big or go bust kinda guy.
Same here.....unless you just like to play BJ for the sake of playing and don't really care if you win a little or lose a little, the only way to make a decent hit is to place relatively large bets (based on your bankroll, personal budget, etc). At this moment, I am on a tear over at Omni. In the first 2 weeks of this month I am up about $10,000. To me, that is an exciting amount of money to win. Generally I buy in for 1K then play 3 hands at $25 each. If I get up significantly, I push my bet to $50 per hand. If I REALLY get up, I push my bets to $100 per hand, just to see what happens for a hand or two. Betting 3 hands at $100 per hand, you can make some serioius money if you hit a winning streak (like I have this month). You just have to recongnize when the streak is over so you don't give most (or all) of it back. I haven't quite mastered that part yet. I've had some nice wins in the past, then ended up giving a significant portion of it back because I got a little greedy.
My smaller - but profitable plan

This is what I do now, and have done so for over 6 months after my initial hit as many casinos as possible spree.

I am simply a smaller bonus seeker.

1. I only play at sites that offer bonus money 99% monthly bonus
2. I rarely ever use (almost never) sticky bonuses
3. I start at Intercasino ($100 deposit) with the Intercasino perfect strategy card.
4. (Start with $190 for playing) Bet $3 a hand, $5 after every win, $3 after every loss.
5. Repeat until I am up a happy amount, usually $300.
6. Then I bet 3-3-5-8-10-15. Until I clear the bonus. (If things really go well, Ill play better amounts, such as 5-5-8-10-13-15-20 or 8-8-10-15-20-25)
7. Repeat until bonus is cleared (usually in about 3 hours) Cash out.
8. I then move monthly bonus sites.

Once I have cleared them, I move to poker sites play poker and get rake back.

End of the month cash out profit and start over.
I personally am a bonus seeker myself, I'll play at a casino if I really enjoy it there, but otherwise I do like getting the bonuses. I try to play as straight at possible by playing 5 dollars a hand each time making most my money off of BJs, DDs, and Splits. I play not to win big but to win, so if I play 3 hours and I'm ahead 60 bucks I'm happy.

Played my first BJ game for real money and did pretty well. I just bet a straight unit of 5 dollars and once I got super close to my stop win I quit, 50 bucks for 5 minutes isn't too shabby I think.
SweetCheeks1235 said:

Played my first BJ game for real money and did pretty well. I just bet a straight unit of 5 dollars and once I got super close to my stop win I quit, 50 bucks for 5 minutes isn't too shabby I think.

Nice win! Any profit is a good profit, in my opinion. But I'm a tad confused - in the post just previous to the above you mentioned what you "normally" do, then in the above post you mentioned that you "just" played in your "first" real money game - so are you saying that what you "normally" did was simply of the "for fun" variety?
Basically, in blackjack, as long as you stick strictly to basic strategy and don't run a DD on any old hand just because the dealer's showing a 6, you can win out in the end. I tend to bet bigger than I should, but if you're looking to play for a while and willing to take your time to build profit, betting 1/100th of your bankroll per hand will get you a good session. Of course, you'll never make it big, but through basic strategy, you'll come out about even. Maybe even a little bit up.

Basically, I tend to imagine a 15 loss streak. God forbid something this horrible ever happen. ;) I bet a minimum according to that. If I have a bankroll of $150, I throw down $10 per hand (still DD'ing and splitting of course when the situation fits) I continue this until I have $225 then raise it to $15, and so on in increments of $5. I've had a few marathon runs of 7 or 8 hours that have made about $1000 for me each time through this strategy. It takes a while and takes a lot of discipline not to bet big, but it pays off. Anyway, that's my quirky system. :thumbsup:

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