Perplexa Casinos - Most good, few bad



I have just finished evaluating the Perplexa casinos. The top were Aloha, Bali, Shangrila, and Snap, as well as Gamblers Palace. Aloha and Bali are members.

At the bottom were Abetz and Vegas Palace ( Bryan as well as Dov at are currently working on the Vegas Palace issue to see where they should rank. is investigating them for a "Skull and Bones" rating.

The top casinos responded to any problems, and overall the experience with them was smooth. I got a wonderful apology from Snap Casino about a wire transfer that didn't go through, and they sent the money Western Union picking up all the fees. I offered to pay the fees but they declined.

The bottom casinos didn't honor their published bonus rules, changing them to avoid paying.

Abetz ranked close to the bottom because they changed their bonus rules after a cashout request.
They went from playing deposit + bonus to playing 5 times deposit + bonus, and to this date they still don't show this new rule on their website.

Vegas Palace, not only changed the rules, but when the customer continued to play to meet the new rules, they still refused to pay the winnings and bonus. Bryan is currently looking into this, and if they still won't pay, or if they do pay it will be posted here in the Vegas Palace section. Vegas Palace claims they aren't a Perplexa casino, but their software is the same.

One thing that is common with the Perplexa casinos is claims that you didn't play enough to earn the bonus, even though you did. Check out the Bali Casino section. The email that, that customer got is common for all the Perplexa casinos. But the reputable casinos will correct that situation, when you bring up your figures. So it is important to keep track of your wagers. I got the same email from a few of the Perplexa casinos, but when I asked them to compare with my figures, I got an EMAIL admitting the mistake. If you do get this EMAIL and you know you played enough, there's a good chance they are probably mistaken. Just give them your figures, and all will be straightened out. If there is a question, they will leave it in the account for you to play more.

That's it, I thought I'd pass this on as I know you are looking for good places to play.
I have won money with Perplexa casinos over an extanded period of time, especially Bali and Winward. According to the Wizard of Odds column in this months Casino Player magazine, Perplexa runs the best blackjack game on the internet, with a .014% player advantage. (With optimal play).
Here is the message from gambling grumbles forum. They mysteriously removed it, instead saying it's been withdrawn pending a review by the casinos.

1. SNAP GROUP OF CASINOS Feb-19-00 11:39 AM
SNAP CASINO GROUP -- Not Recommended

With customers of Snap and related casinos
angry about an
unannounced change in their bonus policies, has
taken the unprecedented step of recommending
that its guests
not visit a number of its advertisers.

"We can not remove the advertisements which
these casinos
have bought and paid for," said
CEO Graeme
Levin, "but we certainly will not accept any
new advertisements
from them unless they clearly state the
correct rules for
collecting bonuses and pay the bonuses they
currently owe to

In addition to placing the freeze on accepting
new advertising
from them, Levin said will put
the "Skull and
Crossbones" symbol next to their entries in
its Directory. This
symbol means the casino is 'Not Recommended."

The casinos effected are Snap, Mona Lisa,
Aloha, Vegas From
Home, and ShangriLa, all part of the Snap
group of casinos.

Other casinos in the group are Abetz, Bali,
Old Las Vegas,
Rosie's Chalk, Fat Lady, and 5 Dimes. As no
complaints have
been received by Gambling Grumbles against
these casinos, the
advertising freeze and Skull and Crossbones
will not be applied
to them.

The situation arose when the casinos decided
that in order to
collect bonuses, customers had to first play
three times the
amount of the deposit. However, they did not
publish this
restriction on their website and are
continuing to say there only
that the bonus itself must be played.

Thus if you open an account with them and
deposit $500, you
are given a $75 bonus -- but you are not told
that it will taken
back if you do not play at least $1500.

"I feel that this is fraud" said George, a
customer at the Mona
Lisa casino. "I would like to prevent others
from being ripped off
with false promises, and maybe even get my
bonus money

"It is in all our interests to weed out the
crooked operators if
online gambling is going to succeed" he said
in a letter to
Gambling Grumbles. "Thank you in advance for
any help you can

Donald, a Snap customer, also learned of the
new policy when
attempting to cash in. He received a letter
saying "Your request
for a withdrawal of funds has been processed.
Your $887.00
redemption has been processed by the method

"You didn't earn the deposit bonus."

When he asked why, Snap told him, "due to
bonus hunters our
policy regarding bonus cashing has changed. To
earn your
bonus now you must wager at least three times
the amount of
your deposit."

"It would be nice if you stated that policy on
your web site
under 'bonuses'," Donald wrote back.

Mark, who has an account at the Aloha Casino,
complained that
he was only given $400 of the $600 bonus he
was promised and
they told him "I was not because I needed to
wager three times
the amount deposited and bonused if my wagers
took place in
the casino area, rather than slots. This was
never listed on their
web site, still is not listed on their web
site, and was only
decided on their part after I had wagered and
won - and they
didn't want to pay me."

Hiurong, who was told he had not gambled
enough to earn a
bonus (even though he had met their published
found himself unable to collect anything from
Snap until
Gambling Grumbles contacted them. They then
told us that he
would be paid. He was -- all except $60 and
they never
answered the question of why the $60 was

Levin said that has written
several letters to the
Snap group about this situation. A number were
not answered
and those replies that they did receive were

"It is a difficult situation for us," Levin
said. "On one hand, Snap
and its sister casinos advertise on -- and have
always proved to be honest and trustworthy. On
the other, we
have a duty to our guests not to allow an
advertiser to mislead

"We are attempting to have these casinos
publish their true
bonus policies on their websites and to
reimburse those
customers who were not given the bonuses they
were promised
when they made their deposits," Levin said.

"Hopefully, they will do so -- but there is no
question that we
view our guests' interests, and our own
credibility, as more
important than advertising revenue concerns."
Most of the Perplexa casinos offer a great single-deck game of DAS, late surrender, and resplit pairs(except for Aces. has double on 9,10,11 only, which can be frustrating.
I have to say, though, that while the Perplexa casinos have a great BJ game, and often run 5%--20% promos, they are the leads in Stupid Banking Tricks:
*Deposits can take anywhere from immediately to several hours
*Withdrawals are only processed on Mondays
*Only one withdrawal request per week will be honored at some of them, so if you don't know that you're left wondering what's going on. This usually means that you will have money sitting in your casino account and you don't know why, since they don't email you about transactions they don't put through. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR BALANCE ON TUESDAY.
*Inconsistent and inspecific email about transactions. Sometimes they email you exactly what is going where, other times it's just "your transaction". You can guess what is going to be credited to credit cards and what will be a check.
*The email message notifying you of a declined card refers to a "transaction details" message that is never attached.
*sometimes deposits are acknowledged with email and sometimes they are not.
*Credit card refunds can take up to three weeks.
*Checks can take anywhere from four days to four weeks. That's if nothing goes wrong.
*Sometimes promotional bonuses are credited immediately, sometimes you have to email support and remind them.

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