Peer to Peer Texas Hold'em, the new online poker?


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May 7, 2004
In the wake of the new federal ban on Internet betting, some optimists predicted that, because of exemptions for online gaming within a state's borders, the door may have been opened to some form of Internet or server-based gaming.

Progressive Gaming along with Harrah's Entertainment may be ready to slide their collective feet through that door.

Last week, the companies announced a new server-based Texas Hold'em game...
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It may just be my opinion but I feel all of your posts are just spam and do nohing but clutter the forum.

Hi pokeraddict,

I am sorry you feel that way. I do not advertise at my site nor do I monetize it in anyway. It is my goal to bring a few interesting articles to this forum on a daily basis. I wrote to a moderator here at CM about the way I post to make sure that it would not be an issue & they gave me the thumbs up. Yours is the first complaint I have had.


I like them and find them interesting hence why I thought it was a good idea. Perhaps they'd be better off in the "Industry Discussion" forum as everyone has access to that - i know it says "Casino Industry Discussion" but still. Although they have sparked some debate in this forum. Tell you what - I'll set up a Poll :thumbsup:
Without commercial banners on that site I guess it really does not constitute spam. From looking at the articles though they are just taken off of other sites. Anyway it just seemed the poker forum was getting cluttered, not that it is that active. I guess posts like that are annoying to me. As I said, just my opinion.
the poker side of the forum is pretty inactive so i think this sort of thing is fine imo. Ultimately if you do not like the articles someone posts then you do not need to read them. Thats the nature of the forum.

Considering all the blatant spam that those of us who run forums have to deal with this sort of thing is harmless at worst and encouraging potentially interesting debate at best.

Dealing with stuff in the "industry section" means that there might be more input and sidetracks from those with a casino perspective so having an area that is primarily poker is best imo.

If this isnt a section that deals with poker issues other than complaints then what is it? I can go to other poker specific forums for bad beat ranting, advice on strategy etc.
It is my goal to bring a few interesting articles to this forum on a daily basis.
Ok, I am guilty. I actually like what he is posting without actually having to search for them and I look forward to reading the ones that catch my interest. Was going to let Ian_go know this but pokeraddictbeat me on remarking on his posts with a complaint.

I like the info (and I enjoy being somewhat lazy at times and it fills both needs, info and lazyness) :D ...keep it here please?


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