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May 30, 2006
Hi all,

First of all: noone stole 1.5K from me - I lost them playing BJ.

However, I lost them becuase Peach would not withdraw slightly more than 1K, which was my deposit. There were NO wagering requirements or anything else holding them back and NO mentions of a daily or CC limit whatsoever, the site states your entire balance as max CC withdrawal. Still, my remaining balance seemed to cause an undefined TECHNICAL ERROR. Amazingly, my deposited sum seemed withdrawable, but not my winnings.

I repeatedly tried but the error would not dissapear. On to support where noone answers, on to "phone me up within five minutes" but I never did receive a call.

I wrote them an email where I kindly asked for an explanation of these very unfortunate events. No answer. This is now over a week ago and I sure managed to burn those 1.5K which is ofcourse my own fault. However, I surely would hope they could grant me at least an explanation and an excuse but could not see anyone from their organisation representing here.

The way I see it they clearly would not let me withdraw my winnings, refused me support, hoping I would continue playing. I did. They won. It may not be totally scandalous, but its hardly the way a respected (I thought they were) Casino should handle their business.

Well, that was my first, hopefully last, complaint.

Oh, and now I almost forgot - they did the exact same thing with my comp points that were credited today.
Hey Lifesticks, I don't see that Peach Casino has a rep on board here, but hopefully Bryan, Jetset, Spear or Simmo know someone who they can direct to this thread, or at least point you in the right direction.

I hope that you can at least get an answer as to what went wrong here. Did you just email and call them the one time, or did you try more than once?
Hello and thanks for your answer, also saw that I never did finish the subject line - sorry about that.

I called them more than once, If I remember correctly I left a "Phone me" submission more than once and I definitively tried withdrawing more than once. I sent them only one email, but another one yesterday when the same problem occured with my 100$ comp points.

Edit: Saw now that the non-withdrawable amount for the first issue was 1.25K, not 1.5K as I stated in my above post. However, just looking for a decent explanation.
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I tried to sign up to Peach Casino a few months ago but couldn't get past the sign-up screen because I was apparently underage. According to the website you could play provided you were over 18 and legally old enough to gamble in your jurisdiction. I'm 22 and live in the UK!!!

2 weeks, numerous unresponded phonecalls and phone-me's, 2 courteous emails and still not a single word on why they failed to pay me my winnings.

A quick estimation is that I've wagered in total over 50K at their casino and they could not even give me a decent explanation :what:

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