Peach Casino doesn't credit sign-up bonus!


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Apr 9, 2006
I deposited 1000$ at peach Casino on the 16th of april, and expected to recieve their 20% sign-up bonus which they are promoting at their website.
However, its been over a week since my deposit and I still haven't recieved any bonus. I've contacted them several times, both by e-mail and phone support. They wont reply to my E-mails and on the phone they keep telling me they are experiencing some "technical difficulties" while trying to credit the bonus. They also claim trying to contact their manager regarding this problem, whom apparently must be on vacation since he hasn't responded for more than a week.
Ive read their T&C:s thoroughly and cant find any legitimate reason for not being credited.

P.S I apologize for my crappy grammar.D.S
hey guys sorry for bumping my own thread, but I really think this is a matter of some significance. Peach Casino has, in my opinion violated their own terms by not crediting the bonus.
Am I the only one who has had problems with this casino?

yeah same deal with me. I deposited on the 18th and no bonus. They said they'd get back to me about 5 days ago and no response. Generally customer service has been TERRIBLE.

Not that worried about the bonus but the CS has put me right of them.

Will be withdrawing as soon as I get that damn pin.
hi there.
can you please give us more details?
which country you were playing from? did you use any affiliate? what about asking that affiliate to help you?
I think it's just a bug in thier software and if you send them enough emails yuo will get the bonus.
it's up to you.
I just checked it out, and theres still no bonus.
However, I was told by the support that my money should be credited by the end of the month. Ill have to wait and see.

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