PC Woes


Paleo Meister (means really, really old)
May 29, 2004
Well looks like you guys have a chance to whop my ass this month. I had two, yup two, PC's die on me this past week. The first one had an HD crash, so i built the second up, was getting ready to put in the old drive to recover the data and it started making a hell of a noise and ... phut! Died.

I'm on my third PC now :D Trouble is, i installed the MG casinos and they spin soooo slow and stuttery. So i installed Directx 9 and no difference. Close to unplayable. tried the Flash versions which are better, but only Wow!Pot 3 reel available at 32Red :(

I'll be back...
Well what a pathetic excuse!
I've got two PC's and both work fine with all MG's.
Give my your address & I'll send you one - we can't have you not running the progressives 24/7! :D

PS: I'll reply to your PM when I get 5 minutes of non-gambling time! ;)

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