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Mar 29, 2002
Does anyone have any comments/info about PaySpark (the apparent replacement for Infinia)? They are supposedly a type of 3rd party payment service like Neteller, Firepay, etc. and I've been sent invitations to sign up with them from a couple of casinos.

The problem I have with them is when I read the fine print and see that they are apparently based in Lebanon. Not being the most stable region of the world, that concerns me on more than one level.

I'm curious to hear what others think/know about this situation.
I think there should be no worries about the banking - they've been around for many years now and there have been no real problems using the debit card as long as you can find a Cirrus machine.

That having been said, I am not a fan because their online support systems (account details, transactions, etc.) leave a lot to be desired - at least, the last time I looked... but you can still feel confident that its safe.
Thanks Spear, yeah that user interface is pretty primitive. I'm more concerned with the backend part of it though, where the money ends up. I'm also wondering if its going to raise any red flags at the homeland security office, since its a money transfer to/from a middle-eastern bank.
Let me say this...and I am sure some of you more liberal thinking people will disagree. Please, do not conduct business with any company that is in this country. As a combat veteran from Afganistan, and someone who has family members stationed in the Gulf, I for one have a very personal reason not to support a country actively supporting terriosm. Now noone can tell you what to do or who you can conduct business with, however, the argument could be made that you might be funding the bomb that could someday kill you or your family members. This might be a little "extreme", but just think of the people in Israel who face these terroists every single day. I'm sure some of you ho hum European Elitists might think this isn't your problem...but just wait...Spain thought they were exempt from terriosm, until a few weeks ago.
Well that was somewhat a concern of mine. Aside from not wanting to raise any red flags on my activities, I didn't want to do anything that could help any factions in that region. I don't know about funding bombs, I just don't want to support any business in that region.

(btw, take the apostrophe out of your quote, ranger's is possessive and singular, rangers is plural)
correction made

Thanks for pointing out my grammer error j. I will continue to strive for perfection... ;)
No problem, I love the quote, just wanted it to make sense!

Now if we can just get people to stop saying loose (as in not tight) when they mean lose (as in not win), we'll be all set!
I'm sure some of you ho hum European Elitists might think this isn't your problem...but just wait...Spain thought they were exempt from terriosm said:
You sarcasm is unwarranted. Most of Europe has been and still is on a terror alert. Spain was attacked because Spanish soldiers are fighting in the US-led coalition in Iraq. Spain also had its own domestic terrorist problem with the Basque separatists (ETA) for at least 30 years.

I actually feel that until a few years ago it was the US that ignored international terrorism unless it was aimed directly at the US. Certain countries such as Lybia and Iran were designated as "rogue states" supporting terrorism, but at the same time Irish terrorist organisations like the IRA were happily operating and raising funds in the US, and successive administrations did nothing because they feared alienating the Irish-American voters, who had a romantic image of the IRA as "freedom fighters".
And the government and law enforcement here in the US is STILL afraid of racially profiling for arab terrorists, despite the fact that all 19 of the hijackers were young arab males. Again out of fear of losing some votes.

They should be more concerned about preventing attacks than losing votes, and I wish just one person in elected office here would grow some balls and stop harassing my 80 year old mom when she goes on a plane to visit my sister. They actually confiscated her cuticle scissors the last time she went on a trip, give me a f'ing break!

Now back to payspark, does anyone else have an opinion on this question?
Well first of all they are wholly owned and opted by Microgaming. I've done too much research into this, and don't let ANYONE tell you different. When INFINIA became PAYSPARK the ownership did not change. And I have proof that their bank of telephone numbers are located in Microgaming's London office. Perhaps MGS leased out their offices? Theoretically possible, but extremely unlikely, since their bank acct matches that of Microgaming. Another option, an something I've been using for a while now could be ikobo. Feel free to ask if you have any questions... :thumbsup:
all apologies

Well, apparently some people found that information useful. I guess it was my mistake I didn't quote that part, apparently I can't edit my post now to fix that omission of mine. I'm sorry again. Anyway, maybe you haven't heard of ikobo, that's understandable them being relatively new and all that. All I can say they've been ok to me so far... I'm sorry if I offended anyone! :(

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