Paysafecard to MoneyBookers


Dormant account
Apr 28, 2008
Wanna ask if anybody knows. Is there any site where you could transfer money from PSC to MoneyBookers?
Here is the problem. PSC card is avalible instantly, i can go to a store and buy it. But, problem is, that is limited to certain casinos, but not avalible in other that i play ( no Rival ).
To upload my Moneybookers acount takes me 2-3 days, if workin days, or more.
So, is that avalible anywhere? Or maybe, someone here could transfer $ to my MB acount and i would give him psc card for that amount. Of course i would also pay fee for this transfer.
Hope this doesn't sound fishy, since my intent is not to laundry money or fraud or anything like it. Would just wanna play when i get $. But this 3 or more days is looooong :)

Till now did not have this problem. I upload with PSC and withdraw to MB. But you had to win to do this, and lately.......:rolleyes:

Sorry for bad English, as i don't want anybody to have any illegal thoughts, and hope you get, what my problem is.

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