Bitch and Moan Paysafecard (Dodgy Muvvers)


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Mar 15, 2016
This will be the beginning of the end for me. I've seriously had enough of this 'online casino crap'. All of it is seriously fraud and I don't fucking care who says otherwise. For years I've been ripped off, ignored or taking the piss out of.
I've not long been a member of Casinomeister and don't really see the point of being a member.
I don't think its right ( and it fucking isn't) that I/you have to do this/speak to him/her/them. Write here, wait for reply to be told that I'm wrong and everything is/was above board. Its total fucking bullshit and should be illegal and the owners brought to account.
Just looking at ALL the complaints on this site tells me (and should tell u) that the "INDUSTRY" is a total fucking waste of time.
I recently complained about a casinobordeaux site. Their explanation is SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE. the amounts that they said were paid into my account are SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE but wot can I do????? ABSOLUTELY FUCK ALL. Show me HOW the slot managed to pay other said amount and I will accept. They won't because they can't because its FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE. This isnt just something I'm making up. Contact me for details of slot, stake and bonus round and then YOU CAN PROVE ME WRONG. You can't, its fucking impossible. Wot can I do, have a guess!!!!!!!! U got it.......FUCK ALL.
I recently complained about NORTHERN LIGHTS CASINO.What do u think I got for complaining???????? FUCK ALL. My account closed and ripped off for £1300. No response now from casino. Totally blanked and ignored. Why do they/how can they just blatantly rip off whoever they fucking like. It isn't regulated enough if at all and that Scottish twat Gordon Brown had got a lot to answer for. Should be fucking jailed. So why/can they do it???? because they know that there's FUCK-ALL you, casinomeister, the pigs (police) of any other fucker can do about it.
Do u think REAL casinos have to address so many or even get so many complaints. OF COURSE NOT.......for me, anyone treated me like I've been treated over the years, face to face, wouldn't be receiving a letter of complaint. They'd be receiving at least one black eye I promise u. But this bunch of thieving, robbing, lying cunts sit behind their PCs, hiding, knowing that there is fuck-all the poor bastard whose just been ripped off can do. I say that if them or any other fucker wants to meet up with me and wants to rip me off then, I'm cool with that. Will it happen, will it fuck.
So I buy a £50 PAYSAFECARD voucher from a 24hr garage. Drive home to find he has given me an UNDER 18. This fucks up my evening. Next day I drive back with the voucher and explained. I'll have to come back when same guy on nightshift is on. GREAT. MIDNIGHT I drive back. Explain, and the guy simply prints me an OVER 18 voucher. OK, the problem is sorted. Ruined a night or two for me, cost me some time and petrol but OK. (Seeing that I'm that kinda guy). 2/3 days later I check my PAYSAFECARD account and all is fine. The balance = £50.11. My 11p and the UNDER 18 voucher, £50. (No good to me) but all OK. They can simply take it back I thought. So I drive back and purchased another £50 voucher. (I very nearly bought 2x25 vouchers so that I'd be able to deposit at different casinos directly instead of going thru my PAYSAFECARD account. (Just in case), but decided that I'd checked my PSCARD account and was happy that all was fine. So off I went with my £50 voucher. Opened my PSCARD account and deposited my £50. Balance = £100.11p.
I then decided which casino I was going to play, open it and TRIED to deposit £25 from my account which didn't work. Several times I tried and then received a message saying that ALL TRANSACTIONS FROM MY ACCOUNT HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED FOR SECURITY REASONS.
they've told me that I'm to send them a picture of my passport, other I.D AND a picture of the LAST 5 vouchers I have used (which I OBVIOUSLY) haven't got and until I do, they are keeping my money. Its not too often I can afford to play/lose £50 to a 'so called honest' casino but when I can I don't expect ANY PROBLEMS let alone my money stolen. ITS A FUCKING DISGRACE AND BLATANT FUCKING ROBBERY. I AM ABSOLUTELY FUCKING FURIOUS. But wot can I do.............yep. FUCK ALL.
wot I say to Casinomeister is ~ pls help if u can and adviser me wot if anything I can do. If I was to steal like that, I'd be fucking jailed. PERIOD. I can't even get their address or even a phone No.
IS THIS RIGHT????????!??
So prove to me that or not just here to help the casinos MR MEISTER.

PS. I'm not sorry for my language, I'm just so sick of it all


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Apr 27, 2009
the land of snow and maple syrup
Just..breathe, go for a walk.
The language, I get you're angry, but stop, breathe, collect your thoughts and post.

ANY business has problems, issues and dissatisfied customers..and yes, even land based ones. Those security guys don't walk the floor to show off their bums to the ladies.

As to CM, theyre a business, a service, a forum - they aren't casino police, and mods and members help as able. Try to bear that in mind.


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May 22, 2012
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WOW!!! Sounds like a transcript from one of my Raging Rhino videos...:D:D

The thing is you are using some crappy sites that had you been a member here long enough you would have avoided. As for CM 'being able to do fuck-all about it' that's simply not true. We have Max here to handle (valid) complaints and to date he has retrieved hundreds of thousands on behalf of players treated questionably. Please get to know us before making statements like that!

OK, the Pay voucher was simply down to a tired minimum-wage garage bloke, nothing to do with casinos. A frustrating mistake that has led to verification demands as you mentioned. One of those things.

Calm down, read through the ACCREDITED SITES here and use them. Keep to the terms and you'll not have any issues - if you did you'd have access to Max's services, which are seldom required for casinos in that section as the reps will tend to help you and resolve things first.

The odd 'f' is acceptable here in the right context but you will get the ban-hammer for gratuitous use of the 'c' one.

Calm down, sort the voucher out and come back and play at an accredited site. Don't go back to those clip-joints. :thumbsup:


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Jul 21, 2010
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The things I learn on Casinomeister: "Dodgy Muvvers" :lolup::lolup: Priceless. Can't wait to use it on someone here in the states.....:p

(Sorry, couldn't keep it to myself :)


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Oct 14, 2004
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As a UK player, the law can be your best friend. Northern Lights is licenced by the UKGC, which means they have to offer you an ADR if they cannot resolve your complaint. They can't just steal your money either, you can take them to the small claims court for the seized money. You can argue that asking you to send in the 5 previous vouchers which obviously you don't have isn't being "treated fairly" under consumer laws as it's impossible to produce what you don't have, and single use vouchers are valueless once used online, so naturally they are chucked in the bin the same as the receipt for a sandwich and coffee you have already consumed.

However, the KYC requests are valid, such as picture of passport or driving licence, utility bill or bank statement, and possibly a further document.

Despite being UK licenced, this is a whole bunch of white label sites, and as such tend not to offer the best service.

Paysafe vouchers are simply a rebranded UKash, and they were known to be troublesome, and cause all sorts of problems, with often the innocent victim being blamed when there has been fraud. The possibility here is that there has been fraud with Paysafe vouchers, and the casino are presuming that YOU are the fraudster, and someone else is the legitimate owner of these vouchers.

As with Ukash, those operating the Paypoint terminals often don't know what they are doing, and this is probably why you had to repeatedly keep going back to get the correct over 18 voucher, and this coupled with the cashier not really knowing what they were doing, has probably tarnished the vouchers you did manage to use at the casino, hence they suspect you of voucher fraud.

Given that this kind of thing has happened before, players should consider retaining old vouchers that have been used at casinos, at least until the casino has paid a withdrawal, although longer retention might be even better. You can then stump the casino by actually being able to send them the last 5 vouchers, which they probably don't expect a player to be able to do. They then have to pay up, or show that all along it was a tactic by coming up with yet another thing you have to do, which they hope is really going to be impossible.


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Oct 30, 2015
Breathe. I get the frustration.

1. Read about the casinos in the accredited section. Play there. They are honest.
2. The entire pay voucher fiasco is not casinos fault. It happens. They will give you your money back if it's an accredited casino. This happened to me at betat the first time I deposited there after signing up. My debit card kept getting rejected then finally it went thru and they insisted it didn't and cuz my card kept getting rejected i was locked out. And until I sent them my id etc...they wouldn't give me money back. I was furious just like you. And I called those guys in CS liars and thieves. So I sent in my papers and lo and behold my money was there. This was before I read about betat on the cm site. If this happened to me today at betat I would not worry or swear as much.

3. The internet is the Wild Wild West. Casinos have to protect themselves too.

Send in the documents they requested that's the first step.


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Oct 8, 2012
kin hell, this is exactly why I stick to a small handful of trusted sites nowadays, too many years of not getting paid :/


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May 1, 2015
The #1 rule of gambling online is astonishingly simple: do not play at dodgy casinos. This also means doing your research. For starters, a quick search on Casino Bordeaux, or any other casino in that group, reveals that they're not exactly the pinnacle of trustworthy casinos.

If you choose to play at casinos like these, despite there being plenty of resources (Casinomeister, AskGamblers, ThePogg, etc) where you can easily determine the trustworthiness of a casino, it is your own fault if you get screwed over. It's certainly understandable that a player would get ripped off once or twice when they're new to the world of online gambling, but at some point you simply have to take responsibility. There are always going to be bad apples out there in the industry, but there are plenty of tools you can use to avoid them.

Additionally, payment processors like Paysafecard must verify that you are who you claim to be. Verification processes like the one you've been asked to fulfill are very, very common (although I'd agree that providing photos of the last 5 vouchers may be a little bit superfluous).

And, as others have said, go take a breather. People will be more inclined to help you if you act civil. If this is how you vent at Casinomeister, I can hardly imagine how you act in communications with casino representatives or payment processors.


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Feb 22, 2001
Now that's what I call a rant, b1llyab00!

You've been given some good advice, particularly on taking the time to cool down and avoid 'dodgy muvver' casinos (enjoyed that one!)....but don't blame this website for your own poor choice of casinos.


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Jan 20, 2004
... As for CM 'being able to do fuck-all about it' that's simply not true. We have Max here to handle (valid) complaints and to date he has retrieved hundreds of thousands on behalf of players treated questionably. Please get to know us before making statements like that!...

FTR over the years it has been several million in total. We average about a US$300,000 per year, give or take. And thanks for mentioning it. :thumbsup: