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PayPal, eBay back Internet gambling ban

Discussion in 'Casino Industry Discussion' started by Renegade, Jun 10, 2006.

    Jun 10, 2006
  1. Renegade

    Renegade Dormant account

    Store Clerk
    Hi all,

    I just read this and wanted to pass it along.

    I hope this is in the right place. If not, My apologies.

    Online auction company eBay and its popular online payment service, PayPal, have come out in support of the two Congressional bills that would ban Internet gambling. Brian Bieron, senior director, federal government relations for eBay, sent a letter to Representative Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), who introduced H.R. 4777, the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act, in Congress, commending him and his staff for introducing "commonsense legislation" to combat illegal Internet gambling in the United States.

    Bieron says in the letter, "eBay believes that the most effective solution to this problem should target the law enforcement component of the Internet gambling business. Your bill is a crucial step toward clarifying that all forms of online gambling are illegal, as well as giving law enforcement officials the tools they need to target U.S. citizens who participate in illegal online gambling under the Wire Act."

    The companies' support of Goodlatte's bill, H.R. 4777, also extends to H.R. 4111, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2005, also making its way through Congress. Read the entire letter on Goodlatte's web site in the "Letters of Support" section at You must register/login in order to see the link..

    The letter to the Congressman was dated March 14, 2006, not long after PayPal's European division began permitting customers of Betfair Poker to deposit and withdraw funds via their service. In March, they also announced the same service for Ladbrokes Poker customers.

    PayPal had previously stopped accepting payments for gambling services after it was acquired by eBay in 2002 and the two companies agreed to pay a $10 million fine in 2003 to settle allegations brought against them by the U.S. government that they aided illegal offshore and online gambling from mid-2000 to November 2002.

    Though they're re-entering the online gambling business, PayPal isn't looking to make that same mistake again. They've stated they won't do business with companies that take bets from the U.S.
  2. Jun 11, 2006
  3. paul02085

    paul02085 Senior Member

    Fishing :)
    Of course they have. They are hoping Neteller will be hurt (and they will) if this bs bill passes. Strictly business.
  4. Jun 11, 2006
  5. tennis_balls

    tennis_balls Dormant account

    fish n chips promoter
    Albuquerque, NM
    ebay is always in Washington lobbying for preferential treatment. maybe think less online gambling will mean more people wasting time bidding on crap.
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  6. Jun 11, 2006
  7. AussieDave

    AussieDave Dodgy whacko backstabber

    Gaming SEO Specialist & Casino Webmaster
  8. Jun 11, 2006
  9. Renegade

    Renegade Dormant account

    Store Clerk
    eBay I think is almost as bad as wally world IMO.
  10. Jun 11, 2006
  11. betting88

    betting88 Dormant account


    I hate them. They == Robber
  12. Jun 14, 2006
  13. Renegade

    Renegade Dormant account

    Store Clerk
    eBay convention includes charity poker event, WPT sponsored auction

    Amazing isn't it????
    They just claimed to be against Gambling, now we have this:

    The Professional eBay Seller Alliance (PeSA) will host a Charity Poker Challenge Thursday to benefit the New Orleans Aquarium and the NetSmartz Workshop during the eBay Live convention in Las Vegas. Auction enthusiasts can also check out the charity auction sponsored by the World Poker Tour (WPT) to benefit the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program at Cedars-Sinai during the convention June 13 through 20.

    The Charity Poker Challenge will include 100 top eBay sellers, eBay enthusiasts and third party vendors, and celebrity poker guests who will try their luck in a Texas Hold'em tournament at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

    PeSA's charity events are designed to let eBay's top sellers, third-party vendors and eBay staff interact in a relaxed and social setting while supporting a good cause. To liven things up this year, they invited celebrities such as Robert Thompson from Bravo's "Celebrity Poker Showdown," Jeff Hobson, the renowned Las Vegas entertainer, and Alex "The Insider" Outhred, the syndicated poker columnist, to participate.

    "PeSA excels at bringing eBay's top sellers together in creative and worthwhile ways, and this year's Charity Poker Challenge is shaping up to be another milestone event," said Steve Woda, founder of buySAFE, a corporate sponsor of the event.

    According to David Yaskulka, PeSA's head of marketing, the charities were chosen for their connection to PeSA and the online community. One of PeSA's previous events took place at the New Orleans Aquarium two years ago. NetSmartz, a program run by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, was chosen for its work in teaching kids to be safe online.

    The tournament isn't the only draw for poker fans to the eBay Live event. The WPT is one of the main sponsors of the event's charity auction this year. Plus, they've donated a $25,000 seat at the WPT Celebrity Invitational for the auction. The winning bidder will face off against pros and Hollywood celebrities for a chance at a share of $200,000 and the opportunity to become the next WPT Champion.

    Other top auction items include a one-of-a-kind bike built by Count's Kustoms and artist Mike Godard, as well as two special edition Gibson guitars.

    :eek2: :confused: :mad: :xxx
  14. Jun 15, 2006
  15. Maple Leaf

    Maple Leaf Dormant account

    Direct of Marketing
    ebay and PayPal

    Ebay and PayPay just want free press. Since PayPal made the decision not to allow gaming related transfers of any kind a while back, it makes sense that they go a step further and step on the back of our industry if it means they can get their name in the media for a while.

    Sad part it is working...we are all bitching about them right now. A lot of people believe there is no bad press.

    Maple Leaf

    Affiliate Manager
    You must register/login in order to see the link.
    This email is not visible to you.
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  16. Jun 15, 2006
  17. peralis

    peralis Dormant account webmeister

    Problem is that they are being hypocrits. They accept payments for a few sportsbooks in Europe now, so I cannot understand how they can justify a statement like that.
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  18. Jun 15, 2006
  19. Renegade

    Renegade Dormant account

    Store Clerk
    Ahhh, they want gambling banned in the USA so they don't have to pay taxes for allowing bets to be made through them.
    With gambling legal else where in the world, they have a wealth of tax-free money rolling in that they don't have to claim in the USA.
    Is that about right?
  20. Jun 28, 2006
  21. Reef

    Reef Dormant account

    I am boycotting eBay / Paypal and recommend you guys do the same.
  22. Jun 28, 2006
  23. Tigr50

    Tigr50 Dormant account

    Roswell NM
    Interesting experience.

    I can't boycott Ebay or Paypal, because they are part of my business, but I do have to tell you that they sent me a pre-addressed canned email to send to my congresspersons under the guise of a protest against Congress "wanting to eliminate free Internet" (who gets it free, anyway?) Anyhow, this was actually this letter to have online gambling put down apparently, because they mention the same bill number. Sorry, I don't think I kept the email. What duplicity!
  24. Jun 28, 2006
  25. Linus

    Linus Dormant account

    eBay must be on crack --

    -- since neither the Wire Act, nor Goodelatte's proposed amendents, apply to US citizens who are casual gamblers. They apply to people who are engaged in a gambling business.

    And the gambling business are located offshore - beyond the reach of Goodelatte, his amendments, and the Wire Act itself.
  26. Jun 29, 2006
  27. scrollock

    scrollock Senior Member

    boro, uk
    i use paypal a lot now for my sportsbook gambling, payments are quick and without problems.

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