Payment solutions to be trusted?


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Jul 9, 2004
What Payment Solutions are to be trusted? I'm the new one here, so I just want to know, are there any 'proven' payment systems, as from the player's side (those I can use without risk and proving too many documents), so from the casino's side (those that just don't dissappear after a month or two of cooperation)?
I'd suggest Neteller. They have been great with me and an apparently solid, publicly traded company.
I have no doubts about NETeller, it is a reliable firm, but it has a lot of restrictions and requires a pile of documents to prove you are the one you are. But is there any other on the market? I saw a lot of them in different casino sites, but whom should I trust?
They don't require a pile of documents at all, its the casinos that will pull that trick on you. In fact, I don't remember having to do anything along the lines of ID verification with neteller other than registering a bank account and verifying the amounts they deposited in it. They are the best I've used yet, and I've probably used them all. I don't trust firepay, click2pay has been ok but its quite convoluted to signup and use and slow to authorize. Infinia is too expensive to withdraw. Payspark is complicated as well like click2pay.

I can set my watch by neteller. When I make a withdrawl, its in my bank account in 2 days. Never had any serious problems with them and when I did have one or two problems over the couple of years I"ve used them, it was resolved almost immediately.
In my experience NETeller are very reliable. They don't require a pile of documents. I asked their online live help and they said I could certify my account just by emailing attachments containing scanned copies of the relevant documents. And you dont even have to do this unless you want the NETeller card that allows you to withdraw funds deposited with NETeller (although you need to inform NETeller before you make the funds withdrawable).

I have only ever played (so far I am new to this sortof) on Casinoeuro and they accept NETeller and allow you to Bankwire your winnings to your bank-account and I have checked and they did pay me my winnings.

Another advantage is that NETeller is a Canadian company and therefore partially beyond the clutches of President Bush since he can't close them down or fine them for trading. :)
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Neteller's a hassle, why not just use direct check deposit?

I just use direct check deposits to a site. Dead simple and no fees. I have had no problems using Citadel Checks over the past couple of years and I do not have to go through the hassle of creating a wallet and waiting a week for my funds to clear. I know Neteller has a instant feature but the limits are too low and the costs too high if the Casino will not pay for it.

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