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Jan 18, 2007
I thought I'd share my experience with my cashout from my fav casino.
I cashed out a day before the Neteller fiasco occured which meant I had to opt for another payment method (because of the holding time to reverse withdrawal). Given all the uncertainty I decided to have a check sent via courier at $35 expense taken from my winnings.

Well, today it came. Beating my EFT withdrawal from Neteller which am still waiting for to come. Good news, right? I got something to smile about at least. Funny thing is though in that courier envelope were 2 other envelopes. I opened one to see my check for $765. I assumed other one had a statement sheet or something and was surprised to see another check for $765! I took my moment to laugh and then logged on to live chat at the casino. It was fun to *complain* I was paid too much!! LOL I don't know how it happened, checks were written on same day but check numbers gap by almost 200 stuffed into individual envelopes and mailed to me in the single courier envelope! It took some time but finally the rep said I have to wait until their finance people review the chat and get back to me as to which check I can actually cash! Maybe tomorrow as they're out of the office today. You just gotta laugh!
should have at least cashed one. that happened to me a long time ago. i too reported it because i played alot at the casino and if i'm gonna rip someplace off its gonna be for a few mil not hundred. lol. anyway they cancelled both checks wich started a snowball effect of problems. got payed but it was many, many, months later. withdrawls during that waiting period were processed and paid. it was all good but if it ever happens again i will cash one then report the other. peace.........
:eek2: LOL and my luck would be that one of them would bounce causing fees and other checks to bounce costing me more then $765.00 ~~~
I spoke with them today again.
info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
info: You are now chatting with 'Trevor'
Trevor: Welcome to the Casino Support Desk. How can I help you?
Sheree : Hi Trevor, I came yesterday to speak with Tristan *i think* and was supposed to hear something today from your finance people
Sheree : I've not heard anything yet and I know from speaking yesterday they left early (my time)
Trevor: in regards to you receiving 2 checks instead of one?
Sheree : :) Yes
Sheree : a happy complaint I guess LOL
Trevor: the finance team are looking into it for us Sheree, and we do appreciate your honesty. It is, at the end of the day, the best policy
Trevor: so as soon as we get feedback form them (within 24 hours) we will contact you immediately.
Sheree : There's no way they can just tell me which check to cash first?
Sheree : Then I can distroy other one while you figure out how/why it happened?
Sheree : And of course, honesty always best policy. I wouldnt want to be taken advantage of anymore than I believe you would.
Trevor: the best thing would be to hang tight for 24 hours more as they are just getting confirmation as to which check to cancel. so i dont want to tell you to tear one up, and then the finance team says that the one you tore up is the one you have to use
Sheree : Alright if you believe thats best and easiest way, I will wait. Thank you Trevor
Trevor: It has been a pleasure to assist. Please do not hesitate to contact us again with any queries you may have. Enjoy the rest of your day.
Sheree : You too. :)

Thats the chat and where it stands so far. *blush* guess you figured out my real name is sheree LOL
Thanks to all for nice welcome and your concerns...I really appreciate it!
Today I got a response from the finance team. They say:
Hi Sheree,

Thank you very much for your honesty regarding the identical checks, it is very much appreciated!

After investigation into the matter, we found that Datacash had double processed a batch of checks. We have asked them to do a complete audit to determine how many checks were duplicated so that the duplicate checks can be cancelled. Once this has been completed, we will provide you with the check number of the check that you can cash successfully. We will contact you as soon as possible with this information.

We are so thankful for your honesy that we have credited you account with a $50.00 bonus! We hope you enjoy your gaming experience with Crazy Vegas Casino!

If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Warmest regards,

Andy and Tanya, VIP Team
Vegas Partner Lounge

I've no idea who/what Datacash is though. Hopefully it'll not take long til they can tell me which check to cash. But $50 bonus!!! Woohooo nice while going through withdrawal pains! Now, what to play what to play what to play?!!
Today I got a response from the finance team. <> But $50 bonus!!! Woohooo nice while going through withdrawal pains! Now, what to play what to play what to play?!!

Well, you could spread it thin and go for the glory at the same time by playing Tunzamunni. Or play your favorite bonus slot just eaking out 3 line pulls, or let it rip on a progressive, or one big pull, or... You'll figger it out, I'm sure :)

Good luck!!!

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