Paying off my credit card with winnings


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Up until lately I havent gambled in a casino for a good year. I deposited $30 on intertops to play poker. I won some tournies and some at the cash table and got my roll up to $360. One day (as ive mention before) I decided to jump into intertops casino. I hit $1000 score on spirit of the inca with a 50 cent bet. So the highest my roll was at was $1360.00.

I played alot of roulette and slots the last 2 weeks. Having fun with the free money. I went on an awful downswing where my entire roll was approx $380. I felt pretty gross about that. But in the end I was up $350 so I was ok with it I guess. Although $1400 is alot better then $400 lol.

I have a credit card that has about a $600 balance on it from numerous life things (groceries, clothes shopping etc)

I figured id play a bit more before I cashed out but just lowroll. Well things went pretty good! Tonight I won about $420. Played $80 back. So now I have $730 in my account. A wonderful $700 profit and had some real fun and entertainment at the tables (and had more then enough tries chasing jackpots so I got my fill)

Sooo yay! This will more then cover my credit card and some left over $$$ to buy myself a purse or maybe a new pair of shoes.

One thing Ive learned from casinos. Leave when you are up or youre gonna start chasing what you had or your losses and before ya know it..its all gone.

I got my pals at intertops to temp-close my casino account (as I always do this when im done for awhile) and that way if I have a glass of wine or two Im not tempted to go play while my cashout is pending.

I wish everybody tonnes of luck....and see you all in another year! :thumbsup:


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Very well done, As soon as I see a new purse or - -- --- I new there was going to be a pair of shoes mentioned :) At least the card bills is not going to be hanging over your head & adding charges,

Wish you some more luck


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Congratulations! And what a great idea to temporarily close the account so that you dont play and potentially lose your winnings. I, unfortunately, have done that a few times :(


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I totally agree. I learned and 9 out of 10 times i manage to stop when i have a great balance, except at landbased casinos :/


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If I had a $600 card balance I'd have used the $30 to go towards clearing it and not bet it. But that's me, I HATE debt!
At least you can clear it and the next time you play it will be with your money and not the card company's! :thumbsup: