Pay out on jackpot slots?


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Sep 27, 2008
Wageningen, Netherlands
I wonder if anyone knows what the pay out percentage is of most jackpot slots, considering I don't hit the jackpot (because that chance is very small..)

I played the godfather at partycasino today and this time I kept track of the results:

Spins: 1236
Average wager: 0,24 ct.
Total wager 291,60
Pay out percentage: 67,28% :eek2:

I only got the cosa nostra bonus game 1 time, after 804 spins!! When it finally came I hit only 1 out of 6 gangsters where usually I hit 3 or 4 :confused:

Are these numbers normal for jackpot slots?

Maybe it's just not my day.. I also played about 1000 spins at 4 RTG slots and did not get a single feature :mad:


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Feb 21, 2006
Seems if you remove the odd great feature wins (+80x wins) you have a base payout of 75%. If you remove the features aswell, even bad ones you quickly enter the 40-60% range, and the "suck-you-dry"-mode is 20-30%.

Theese numbers were taken from my own stats by the way and not my gut feeling.