Pay My Card!(Appear's On InetBet)


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May 13, 2015
Well folk's here is a real jaw dropper that surprised the hell out of me.censored

I have been playing a bit on InetBet and it's sister site KUDOS and I have been running my deposit's and withdrawal's thru the wallet UPaY and it works very well except for limited WD option's as in only 1 and that is wire transfer and that is just not a very good option for US player's.
They are very very fast with processing to the UPAY wallet under 24 hours BUT I have been getting small win's and I just kept funneling my funds into the wallet and playing.

But this am I had a small win of a few hundred buck's that I want in my bank. So I cruised the WD options and LO AND BEHOLD:yahoo:There it is CARDPAY!

Now this is an option that other casino's that we play at have been telling us for many month's now is unavailable at this time?Well this is new to the InetBet group and it is working very well I immediately put in my WD and I get the fully skinny.They will give the 1st WD for free and everyone after per. month a $10.00 fee processed in 24 hours is the promise and I must say the other group that has been telling me and other's here at CM is kinda under the gun with this bit of information.

So there is my new and I think very interesting new's.Peace Out! Out Of The Mist! shewoff


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Jul 11, 2008
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Very good news .
I do hope the other casinos follow.
As far as I am concerned it was very good for players esp for regular and frequent players.

I guess the casins didnt want players cashing out $200 bucks or under..THEy figured they would get it sooner or later and I am a living "fool" proof of that theory!