Pay Attention to Casino Promo "TIMES"


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Jan 26, 2005
I play at Jupiter Club Casino all the time. Great service and all that. They recently had a promo for the Vegas B-day. It was as follows.

Be online on SUNDAY, 15 May 2005, between 6pm (EST) and midnight (EST), make a purchase of $50 or more, wager your purchase completely and get an EXTRA 25% up to $50 FREE!

The sky's the limit @ Jupiter Club Casino!

Sounds Ok. This place doesnt offer many bonuses, but I dont use many so it's fine with me. My problem was that they specify EST (Eastern Standard Time). I live in Indiana which has messed up time zones. Most of Indiana (including the county I live in) uses EST. Heres the kicker. WE DONT USE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME. Right now we are the same time as CENTRAL TIME ZONE, but still considered EST.

I made a purchase on the said time, actually about 11:30 pm on the 15th. When I got on live support they said that I made it at 12:30 am. You can see where this is going....I assume. After explaining to them for about 10 mins they finally gave up the bonus and said they will manually credit it. In the future I am to assume that EST includes Daylight savings Time.

Not that to many people live in Indiana on here, but just a heads up about time zones. I know, I know, nothing major about this, but to the people that have weird times zones, it will make a world of difference.
Not too much off topic, but there's a bill getting ready to pass that's really going to mess Indiana up even more regarding E|CST. Sucks.

Thank god I'm in the southwestern tip of Indiana, and we're sitting on central time year round ;)
sporting bet is on GMT...

i deposited for the bonus on the 11th (only $50) and played it through...

no bonus, i guess i'll just play it through again...




awww crap. it's the twelfth in england already!

okay, the hell with this i'm just gonna gamble.

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