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Jan 26, 2005
Melbourne Beach, Florida
Today in the new Casinomeister newsletter Bryan points out the abuse by Casinos
after they have closed out the playerfor Bonus Abuse
I just had that happen to me with Casino Las Vegas I have played there
many times always with a bonus ( either an Email offer or an automatic
bonus after deposit) and was offered a Email bonus- logged on- went to live
chat to find out terms and conditions- was told by Ricki 30% with x playthru
so I made my deposit --no bonus-- returned to Live chat- I credited your
account- no Bonus- Live chat -logoff login - still no Bonus- Live chat
Ohhhh I am so sorry you have been banned from Bonuses by mgmt
So i went to withdraw my deposit and Ricki pops in to remind me
that I could go ahead and play my deposit - I wasn't banned from the Casino.
Later that day I get an Email from Casino LV offering me another bonus which
I returned to them with the reply please don't send offers that you won't honor.
After many emails back and forth over this issuse I received this 3 days later
while waiting for my withdrawl

Dear BigBill,

My name is Graham and I am an account manager at Casino Las Vegas. I would like to congratulate you on your winnings. You took a gamble and won! I noticed that you were making a withdrawal recently. I would like to give you the chance to make even more money. Casino Las Vegas gives you the chance to make money all the way to the Cashier Window. Take the chance and play destiny to an even bigger fortune! All you have to do is cancel your pending withdrawal and I will give a bonus so you can try and make a even bigger win! Your bonus will be $20 and there is a 15 times wagering requirement on this bonus until you withdrawal again.

If you are interested in this very special promotional bonus offer please inform by writing to

Account Manager
Casino Las Vegas

and I replied on top of his email

I was locked out of any bonuses last week is this a change of heart?
I play as frequently as I can and I am usually given a bonus without asking
so it came as a suprise when I was labeled a bonus abuser last week when
all I do is take you up on your email offers.I enjoy your Casino and would like
to continue to play there if you will tell me how to get the no bonus lock lifted
and if not stop sending these offers
Thank you


No reply from Graham but I'm still getting standard offers daily

So many Billion$ so little time
**i do hope there is a rational explantion for this! it is such a pity when this happens to you when you are a regular player too! i think the term bonus abuser should be clearly defined! just my 2c! it is frustrating when you are accused of this - and falsely so - and frankly, yet another reason why i dont use bonus offers at all. even when i get the ones they give you for 'no reason' i ask them to remove it. there is no such thing as money for nothing - i guess i am old fasioned but i do believe that silly saying !**

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