Past 2-4 weeks at MGS casinos have been beyond awesome ;).


Sep 28, 2010
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Not sure if i`m alone thinking this, but for me the past few weeks at my favourite casinos has been like the clocks have been turned back, it`s not just about the nice hits, but how and when they were hit, let me elaborate a bit - How many times has it been the case that you are down to your last few credits, playing that certain slot that has brought you back up more times than you care to mention, and boom you land a great hit, only to set off and try some other slots and eventually fade out and either re-deposit or seek different entertainment?.

Now imho this is where MGS casinos used to be different than the rest, not only would that certain slot get you up again, the others after would also do the same (remember when certain bonus features would make your jaw drop?), well all this for me anyway`s had been sadly lacking the past year or so, okay i`ve had some hot spots and nice withdrawals but these were mainly down to one great hit and not a variety including damn good bonus features, all this I had missed greatly, but, as stated in the title the last few weeks have been phenomenal for me, not just the awesome balances i`ve accumulated, but just how exciting and fun it was acquiring them, here`s the crème de la crème of those that stuck out the most......

Firstly, not a huge hit, but what I hit, and the timing of it, down to my last few credits and praying for a sapphire hit, okay no wilds this time but what are the odds hey?:) .....


The next hit I have VWM to thank for rousing my interest in the AWP Fruities, and believe me there is not an experience anything like it when you hit those jackpot win spins, I had no idea they done this on the top spins, a mouth watering x2000 bet return


The next hit was from my session earlier today, apart from hitting this bad boy in the free spins and multiplying the hit by five, tell me there is no finer way to hit the Sapphires in open play ;)...


The next is all about those goddam TSII features and their pathetic returns, when was the last time you hit a x100+ bet one? especially Odin`s.....


And finally but no means least, is my favourite MGS slot of all time once again, and rightly so, I was down to my last £1.80 on BDBA when I had a few nice hits, I got my balance upto £150 ish and decided to spin a few max coins, about 4-5 spins in I hit this...


All the above are what fuelled my love affair with MGS casino`s, and for me at least, have returned, hell yeah :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


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Mar 4, 2008
hi , im glad your hitting there well done its been dead flat for at go wild lately just another lot of dead spins , a change would be nice there ) keep it up !


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Jun 15, 2011
Congrats :thumbsup:

Eww I'm so jealous. I want to be able to play at MGS casino's soooooo bad. I'm happy with what we have but arrggghh I want knew games and a new place to play every once and awhile :mad: