PartyPoker Referral Rip Offs?


Dormant account
Aug 6, 2004
Hey all..

So I'm an affiliate with PartyPoker.. I received 12 real sign-up referrals at the end of July, netting me $900US. Come the end of the month, they tell me that my funds have been "put on hold because the nets generated by your
players was Lower than the pay out to you."

Meanwhile, my "affiliate account manager" is saying that the accounting team has put my account on hold and the accounting team has said that my account manager has put it on hold ... Meanwhile, I do not see myself getting any money (which I earned by promoting their product, which I a few hundred $s for marketing) anytime soon..

Any suggestions???

Thanks :)
i found soemthing like 2k in my affiliate stats, few days later my account was changed, i email iglobalmedia, no answer, and my account was disapeared.

haha, what's new?

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