Poker Complaint PartyPoker Ran WSOP Qualifier Unfairly, imo


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Jun 6, 2009
On the 10th of May 2009 I played in a poker tournament on Party Poker. This tournament was the final event in a WSOP promotion in which 35 players started and the winner received a WSOP Package worth $12,000 US. There was also a prize of $1,000 for 2nd and the top 16 received $100 each.

To gain entry to this WSOP promotional tournament you had to place in the top 20 in one of the 2 previous tournaments that cost $6.

In the final event near the end with 5 players remaining we all reached an agreement to make a deal and split the $1,000 2nd place according to the chip stacks. This was under the assumption that we all would continue to play for the WSOP Package.

At the time of the deal we all had fairly even chip positions ranging from 19k to 23k. At the time of the deal I received $245 with the other players receiving similar amounts. Then after the deal the tournament finished and the positions were decided by chip stacks at the time of the deal.

This meant that the chip leader received a share of the $1,000 and the WSOP Package value $12,000 and players placed from 2nd to 5th received $250 each approximately.

This is grossly unfair to the 4 other players and it is fairly obvious that no one would of made the deal if it meant that they had no chance of winning the WSOP package worth $12,000 for a mere $250.

When contacting Party Poker they say that deal making in tournaments has rules and when you have a look at their rules according to their website it states that It is not possible to use the deal making facility in a tournament that offers some of the winners the chance to take their payout in the form of an entry into another tournament.
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Considering this was a tournament that offered a ticket into another tournament clearly deal making should not have been allowed.

Obviously somebody has made an error when setting up this tournament.

When I told Party Poker this fact they just said they only ran the tournament and set it up.

I have been in contact with both Party Poker and on several occasions and nobody wants to resolve this issue in a fair and reasonable manner. I suggested that the 5 remaining players are contacted and the tournament be resumed from the point the deal was made or another tournament with the 5 of us is started based on the chip ratios we had when the tournament ended.

Party Poker stated that they would not resume the tournament or come to any sort of equitable solution and it seems as though they are not giving out the details of the tournament to or the other players involved.

The tournament was called Final WSOP Pokerlistings tournament and it was held on 10th of May at 14:00ET on Party Poker. The tournament was for referred players from who qualified.

I have started a thread on 2+2 forum and have been reffered here by someone who says that you guys are good in sorting out complaints here is the link it will give you guys more details.
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Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
You probably need to pitch a bitch. This is an obvious software bug but it is not like you can take the seat away from the guy it was awarded to. You're not going to see Party put up a WSOP seat to compensate for their error unless someone forces them to.


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Mar 13, 2008
Good luck, I hope you reach a resolution.

I don't play online poker for many reasons, and I don't feel capable of commenting further, but it does sound from your post like it is not quite right how things went down.

Could you perhaps encourage the other players to come here as well? It affected more than just you.