PartyGaming - never again


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Jun 15, 2007
2 a spin - 10p a line.

After losing most of my deposit I Hit the bonus round on King tuts

I get 9 spins

1st spin - nothing

crash crash crash

Everytime I logged back in I seemed to lose a spin

I end up with 4 for the round.

Is that payout normal?

That will be my last casino game online.

Its just no fun


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May 6, 2008
Im new here :notworthy

I play casino online everyday @ mansion88 and already 4 months

And I never get JACKPOT :D

But the worst I NEVER GET 4 WILD too :mad:

Maybe Im not lucky :confused:

And Ive already lose my money :mad::mad::mad:


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Jun 1, 2007
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i had a similar problem when i hit the free spins round on king tuts,the reels just kept spinning and wouldnt stop , the only way around it was to keep logging in and out after every spin.
i emailed support telling them i thought the slot had a glitch,
they told me to go to DISPLAY/SETTINGS/TROUBLESHOOT then on the hardware acceleration tab just knock it down one slot,
after i did that the problem went away,

im not sure if your win was normal ive had various wins ranging from a $10
to $50 but i only play $1 a spin max

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