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Jun 11, 2006
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I was wondering if anyone had any info or estimates on how much of the prize pool PartyBingo keeps for it's normal games. Any ideas?

They seem very reluctant to cough up that info in their chat support, and I don't seem to be able to get the point across by phone.


Just got an update from Party... here's the email:

"Thank you for contacting PartyBingo customer service.

"We regret to inform that we do not have any information regarding the pool amount distribution in percentage. This information is classified and not shared with customer service, the reason why we cannot provide the same."

Interesting that they keep it a secret, but not their rake at Party Poker. What's the big secret?

Anyways, anyone with an estimate or a figure would be appreciated!
I too would like to know. The pots are small to begin with and even if you max bet, they don't go up much if at all.
I asked a very good source and she didn't even know

I asked a very good source and she didn't even know. And she knows more than anyone in the Bingo World.
I feel they payout like all the rest of them.
And you will get people saying this one and that one pay better and so on.
It's a doggie dog World.
I'll ask around to see what comes up.
After playing for some time now, I think about 60-70% goes into the pot or so, with a little bit more for the progressives. At least, that's my payout so far... Not so good.

On the bright side, I think PartyBingo can be at least a break even bet for the smart gambler. Here's how:

Always buy bulk, 200 or more cards at a time. You get a 20% bonus for 200 or more cards of a single denomination. That's a pretty good bonus.

If you only play very late at night/early morning US time, you can get minimum pots, but with very few players. That seems like it could be a close to break-even bet by itself.

Always only play 3 cards, the minimum. Buying twice the cards gives you LESS than twice the chance to win the pot, at twice the cost.

Always play the chat games. These are where one out of two bingo games on average, the chat host will award 5x the price of a card to one player usually. It's free money if you're playing bingo cards, so you mine as well take it.

Of course, don't play slots, or any of the other games.

That said, I think the bonus isn't worth hunting. It's a 200% 10x(D+B) bonus, with 500 extra free cards. Deposit the MINIMUM ($25) you can for the bonus, since you only have 2 months to clear it, and the break-even method above is very time intensive. This will get you the 500 extra cards ($35+ value by my calculations). Triple table (5, 10, 25 cent), play though in 2 months, and pick up the bonus. Not really worth it, though, unless you have fun w/ bingo. That's ALOT of play at 3 cards per game.

The site is kind of scary, with a few people whining about how much money they're losing. When you can play 100 cards at 25 cents each per game, I can see why. Most of the people are nice, though.

I was just talking to someone and they said In the Fifty Cent room the payout is 25.00 per game and increases with the pool amount. and this person plays bingo all the time too.and they told me they would win like 3 games in a row and the other players get P Oed about this and they play like 5 to 10 cards at a time.
I have to say this I think the slots payout better than Planetluck or Starluck because I have a few people that cash out almost every month. and they win pretty good too. Maybe it's me the lucky charm lol
Like I said people will bad mouth this one and that one.


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