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Dec 17, 2015
To shorten this up, I withdrew 3 times a total of 2700$ on 17th November to my Visa card that I used several times to deposit. Got 3 emails that withdrawals are processed and money is on the way. Checked my party poker account 50 times and it said its gonna be in my bank account in 1-3 banking days. Balance was 0 all the time.

This morning I log in onto account and see 2700$ returned to my account. Not a single email or notice on why it was returned.
I am a degenerate addict and I lost it all.

How can they treat players like this? Most of us dont have control. There is no possibility to lockwithdrawals also.
Just got a reply that I am the one that reversed my withdrawals????????I have screenshots that the withdrawals were approved and therefore locked so I cant reverse them
First of all, if you locked your withdraws then they should honour that and investigate how they were returned, dosen't sound right.

2nd, " I am a degenerate addict and I lost it all. " - You should probably look to self exclude yourself from online gambling until you have more control, take a break and a breather.
So I tried withdrawing to the same Visa I always use to withdraw without any problems.

I have deposited with it on Party without any problems numerous times.

First they claimed that they sent the money. Then they said that my bank declined the money.

Then they accused me that I am the one that canceled those withdrawals, although I have screeenshots that the withdrawals were in process and couldnt be reversed by me. I am putting those screenshots here so you can all see.

I have another Visa card on my name that I also used on Party.
I asked them yesterday why can't I withdraw to that Visa. They said to delete the first one from my account and withdraw to the other then.

I deleted the first Visa, and when I tried to withdraw it said that they restricted this way of withdrawal for security reasons. So basically they didn't allow me to withdraw like that anymore.

I have tried to withdraw to Skrill, they said I can't because I never used it as a deposit method.

I've then deposited like 25$ just so I can withdraw to Skrill . Got the same message that this way was also restricted due to security reasons.

So basically I was leftwith option to withdraw to bank account. I have my IBAN and SWIFT, but they asked for something called bank account number which is something that doesnt even exist in Croatia.

So basically, I had no way of withdrawing the money since they blocked all the ways to withdraw.

This morning got an email that my account was blocked and that the funds were sent by them but rejected by my bank.

I asked them for explanation on why is that so, and asked them to show the ID and description of the transactions they sent to my Visa. I just need to see that they tried to send it. They refuse to do so.

They never sent the money, they just waited 3 days and then reversed it on their own. Then they accused me that I reversed it. Then they restricted my withdrawal options.
How is this fair? Is there any way to help me get something in return? This is just rigged level of fraudulence.


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