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Feb 22, 2001

US-hosted crooks trying to con Party Poker players

Crooks using a US-hosted server are attempting to con Party Poker players into disclosing their personal account details in a phishing scam warns the Australian security vendor Websense today.

Party's site is the most widely used online poker venue in the land of Oz, reports the security company, and it has become the target of a global phishing scam.

Websense claims the attack tries to obtain personal account details of users by sending a spoofed email with a link to a phishing site.

Regional Websense manager Joel Cammisar says that PartyPoker is consistently the most widely accessed gambling site used by Australian employees. It is no surprise that this brand has been targeted in the latest phishing attack, said Cammisar.

The phishing email claims a new online gambling law has passed in the US and urges users to log into their account for more details. It then guides users to a US-hosted phishing site that asks for username updates.

Quoting the Anti Phishing Working Group, Cammisar said over 90 percent of phishing attacks have traditionally targeted financial institutions.

However, an emerging trend is targeted threats towards organisations like Party Poker for financial gain too, he added.
Another alert


Don't open emails claiming to inform on new gambling laws

Websense Security laboratories has issued a further global warning on the activities of phishing criminals seeking to fool poker players into disclosing account and card details.

The advisory warns that the new phishing scam targets users of online poker sites. Users receive a spoofed e-mail message claiming that a new online gambling law will soon be passed, and that they need to log into their poker account to view the impact the new law will have on them. The fraudulent e-mail, according to Websense, provides a link to a phishing site that attempts to collect personal and account information.

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