Party Poker - Glitchy Blackjack Software Steals Bets


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Feb 7, 2017

The blackjack software at Party Poker is faulty/glitchy and it steals your wagers!

I had this problem happen twice now and I tried to tell Party Poker customer service, but they treat me like I am a liar.

The problem:
Sometimes after placing a wager, the blackjack table screen goes black with a "System Error" message. (See the image below). Then when you sign back into the table, your wager has vanished, and there is no record of your wager in the game logs. The "System Error" message states that if the problem persists contact customer service. So I contact customer service, and they inform me that without the game logs, they cannot proceed with raising a ticket to the technical team...

Well, if the faulty software doesn't record the wagers in the game logs when it glitches out, and customer service won't inform the technical team without game logs, then how is this problem supposed to be fixed?

This happened first on a $16 bet and I contacted customer service and they treated me like a liar and refused to escalate the issue, so I quit playing there for a few days. Then today I thought I would try again, and this happened on a $3 bet. Again I contacted customer service and they treated me like a liar and refused to raise the issue further on their end.

Now I do not care about $16 or $3. I was not trying to complain to get my money back. I was simply trying to inform them of the issue with their blackjack software so they could address the problem.

It is too bad because I really like their poker tables, but I refuse to deposit another nickel to Party Poker because of their software that cannot be trusted and their customer service that doesn't seem to want to help.

I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue?

I also have the chat logs with customer service if anyone wants to read them. I thought they would be too long to post here...

Thank you for reading!

Thanks for the post! I was thinking about joining party poker and after reading your post I will certainly pass by this service. Bad support is one of the worst things to my mind.

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