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Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
Party Poker is easily the #1 poker room on the internet. Last night they had 45,000 players at one time on the combined skins. So many fish it is almost a bad thing. When 4 people call you to the river someone is gonna suckout and beat your pocket aces. Good days and bad will come and go and I agree there will be more good ones here. I do have a few issues with Party though.

Their support sucks, plain and simple. Emails take an hour, many dont seem to understand english, the only language you are allowed to speak in chat there. Their servers crash constantly. I have been in 5 tourneys that ended early and they had to figure out how to split it. Posts on RGP and 2+2 complain constantly about party going down for long periods of time and the hassle in getting refunds, some never get them. The rake is very high too........

$.50/$1 $1/$2
$.50 @ $5
$.75 @ $12
$1 @ $20

Most other rooms
$.25 per $5 max $1
Notice how you could pay double rake in a pot between $5-$10? This adds up fast. The extra quarter from $12-$15 will too.

$2/$4 to $10/$20 rake $1 at $20, 50 cents each additional $10 to max $3. Most room charge flat $1 per $20. This makes Party on average an extra quarter per hand. Lots of people say the higher rake is worth it since the play is so bad. Maybe just because of the way I play I dont see that. According to my pokertracker stats I do better at UB or Pokerstars and the rake at pokerstars is about 1/3 less.

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party is cool

i played at pacific, paradise, pokerstars, ub, i like party the most.

the color and feel is just right for me.

about 16 month ago it has maybe 3000 players, it grows as fast as a mans little gun.

i think those people run that place are pretty talent, hero of the gaming industry.

cheers to the winner!!! :lolup: :lolup: :lolup:
Party Poker

I truly agree with you guys, Party Poker is the best online poker site. They have a lot of players and no hassles in cashing in or out. They have the best bonus/promo in the market. Their rake to bonus ratio is attainable and made easier to track with their individualize "mypromotions" page. I have not talk to support since I did not encounter any problems playing there. Best of all, I kept winning all the time.

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