party poker deleted my account and takes 2400€


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Apr 21, 2011
hello all together!

sry for my bad englisch, im german, but ill try my best!!

i made a deposit on party poker at 13.4.2011!
i want to cash in with 330€ with direct debit!
my girlfriend played casino and after 30 minutes she wins 2400€
so we dont want to play and we´ll try to cash out!
then they blocked the account!
party says: they wanted to deduct the money from my bank, but it fails!
on the same day (13.4)

but i can prove that party poker dont try it! not on the 13.4 or later... they only deleted my account!!! and i can prove that was enough money on my bank!!

please help me please!! maybe someone speaks german or please use simple englisch!!


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Sep 15, 2010
you will want to view pitch a bitch and see if Casinomeister owner Brian can help you.

Partypoker (Partygaming) is eCOGRA, so you need to go to Tex for that.

If they didn't receive the deposit they won't pay any winnings. It looks like the initial funds had been credited by the cashier, but somehow it went wrong and the bank didn't approve or execute the deposit.

To be fair, if this is what happend, Partygaming has got every right to do this.