Party Partners online affiliate program SCAM


Dormant account
Aug 14, 2009
Sponsor Palace condemns the affiliate program Party Partners (a.k.a IOG) by breach of contract and Fraud.

In November of 2007 sponsorpalace decided to migrate the traffic of its webmasters to the platform known as IOG. This program had a very aggressive offering for us as master resellers: 400 dollars per CPA with a minimum deposit of 50 dollars.

We started sending traffic in November of 2007 and according to the reports that they gave us we made: 16 CPA in November, 11 CPA in December, 58 CPA in January, 116 CPA in February, 129 CPA in March, 33 CPA in April, 15 in CPA May,
6 CPA in June, 4 CPA in July, and 3 CPA in August 2008. They gave us the real number of CPAs that had been made, but a week later they gave us other number and pointed that a great number of those CPAs wouldn't be credited. On the following month the same thing happened, and even worse the gave us the same response that the CPA's were revision pending.

Here are the proofs of this fraud: www(dot)sponsorpalace(dot)com/iog/inicio(dot)html

Thanks and be careful of this affilaite program.
Alex Lawson, CEO Sponsor Palace.