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Mar 25, 2006
Has anyone ever won one of these? They get hit constantly but I've never seen a screenshot here so I wonder if it is legit.
I also wondered the same thing until my birthday after requesting a birthday bonus and getting $15 I hit one betting 18 cents a spin with a few dollars left on Sweet Hawaii. It was the biggest one I had ever seen also at just over 8k.

Of course after hitting it on a bonus I didnt think i would get paid but was paid what i cashed out (played some back)

I had been playing solidly at party casino and was getting so frustrated seeing these jackpots going off left right and centre. It really urked me when it was the same name over and over.

I thought i had made a screen shot but was on a new laptop and did not really print screen also was the insert key and i needed to press the blue fn key also. I could of cried about that. :eek:

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