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Jul 11, 2005
Party Bingo is a bingo room using iGlobalMedia software licensed in Kahnawake. Yesterday I got accused of lying when I told "live help"
that the Flash version played from their website has been corrupted or something since : no1 Is it possible to get the same cards 2 times in a row on the first deal (the second deal of cards was always diffrent) more then 10 times sporadically? no2 several times yesterday and today the cards dealt did not show! But the deal went on and the autohold held some cards - that I never got to see and dealt the second round - still not showing the cards!

I contacted live help at Party Bingo who said when I explained it (above) no1 No deals with the same cards had been given to me
no2 ..and i quote: " This is not possible"

Now I have even taken some screenshots of no2 fenomena so I have proof of me not lying about this!

I tried to paste screenshots in my thread but I couldnt.
Anyone who would like to make a comment/ad about this
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Party Bingo live help are useless. None of them seem to know much about anything, or if you find the rare one who does, they don't have any authority to do anything anyway. On the most part it's like talking to a FAQ. I've also noticed they're very reluctant to refer you up the chain of command, I had to ask one guy 4 times, the last time in all caps,to talk to his supervisor, before he even acknowledged my question. Maybes they're on a commission system for dealing with queries without escalating them up the ladder, would explain why they're so dismissive, who knows. I've had a cashout nightmare going on with them that I finally got resolved today after pestering and emailing incessantly. I'd relay it here but I'd get worked up all over again and punch another hole in the wall :D

Here's my expanded theory on PB live help. It's like how nowadays you call a company and key a bunch of numbers going through menus and it takes you to a recording that doesn't answer your question - when all you want is to talk to a person. They're like the human equivalent of that process, semi-bots, blockers, who's job is to protect anyone with any power to resolve your problem from having to waste their time talking to you. Just a consequence of them being such a big company I guess, but very frustrating to deal with.

I've only played slots on there so I haven't seen what you're talking about but I'm not surprised, their software has all kind of annoying bugs in it, I guess it's pretty new. I'd suggest emailing them with this, might stand a better chance of getting it forwarded to the right place -

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