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Jun 17, 2018
Jag vill varna för

Jag har försökt ta ut pengar sedan den 10/10 utan framgång. Mitt senaste uttag gjordes de 23/10
men var tillbaka på cash kontot idag utan förklaring. Deras accounting avdelning svarar inte på frågor
och skickar inga meddelanden om varför dom agerar som dom gör

[max says: got this from Google translation:
I want to warn

I have tried to withdraw money since 10/10 without success. My last withdrawal was made on 23/10
but was back on the cash account today without explanation. Their accounting department does not answer questions
and does not send messages about why they act as they do]

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Sep 2, 2017
Can't even access the site from the UK! Does it even have a licence to operate?
Well, if they do, they arent showing/listing it as far as i can see. Not even Curacao.

Also, complaints can only be done towards them directly so i guess not.


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Aug 25, 2004
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Paris VIP Casino France?
That is not only probably the longest casino name I have ever seen, it's also very stupid and a very big red flag! :eek2:

Wishing the OP the best of luck... but it doesn't look good, does it?



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May 22, 2012
the bus shelter, opposite GCHQ Benhall is RAF - (Rogue As F*ck).

Dodgy selection of games, Betsoft is always a clue!
Very reticent about licensing/business info, cannot find it anywhere.
Limited payment providers, always a bad sign.
Rogue w/d terms: "We shall honor one payout approval per account, per review and per week. If you submitted more withdrawal requests simultaneously, only one of the submissions shall be subject to review."

According to research 4 years in business yet they claim to have got over a million players and been going since 1999! It was originally a TopGame site too.

Here are a few translated feedback comments from a French-speaking review site xxxxx//
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1. All this blabla to the glory of this Paris VIP casino is completely wrong. This casino is only a gigantic scam.
No answer to the questions asked. No follow-up, never emails other than their deceptive ads. Unverified documents, only 2 deposit possibilities (bitcoin and paysafecard). They do not pay the winnings. NEVER DEPOSIT AT PARIS VIP CASINO! As much as throwing your money out the window, the result will be the same.

2. Fantastic cash back. Arguments lie and invented rules once the deposit is made.
Flee poor crazy !!

3. Same for deposits, it's super easy: a blue card and hop money is transferred. By cons, for withdrawals, how to say, um ... I'm still waiting. We do not win then you do not have any illusion and if you have the chance to win something, then you will have to wait a lot of time …

4. I made a deposit of 50 €, at first everything was fine, after about 3 weeks I had already increased my earnings and wanted to make a withdrawal. I am then asked for certain documents, which I provide quickly and I am told that they will be checked within 72 hours to 1 week. I wait, after 2 weeks still nothing, oddly it was always missing something, a paper to fill and send back ... I still received an email telling me that everything had been approved and that I could now make withdrawals. But it never worked! I have asked the Live Chat several times, the person who answers me tells me that she will check and asks me to wait (again !!!) but very often I wait 10-20 minutes but nobody comes back to tell me what that there is ... so I raise them, another person takes over, and there, rebelote, I must explain everything ... without being able to withdraw the money earned ... this site is a scam!

Over 60% of player reviews award the lowest 1*



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