Paradise Poker - fake bonus + bad support


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Aug 16, 2007

Before purchased Paradise, I played there a lot and with good success.

Now, a week ago, I get a mail from, that I can reload my account with a 100% bonus, special bonus code attached.

So, I decided to give'em a new try. But first, I asked the chat support, if I was eligible for the bonus and how to claim it. They explained and said I was surely eligible.

Ok, I depositd and Hmmm.. NO BONUS.

I once more had a chat with them, and this time he stated it could take up to some hours, until the bonus is credited AND I had to begin to play, for the "system to credit the bonus" ?!

Ok, no prob I thought.

Next day, --- NO BONUS. (BTW: I tried the bonus code each time I logged in, as the support said) This time, he said, they have absolutlely NO KNOWUNG about ANY bonuses, as this were OTHER PEOPLE that gave them out.. UPS ??!!

Other people ?? The mail came from: [email protected]

So, I began to email to (with the promo mail attached).

First answer: wait some more days.

Second answer: We don't know what's up, we will ask the other department.

Third answer: "I really cannot find, that there is any promo code in the mail you got from US."

I mailed back: "C'mon, just read the text." - answer: I cannot find...

My next mail: Ok, I copied a pasted the code to the beginning of this mail, maybe you can find it now. And, btw, I copied it out of the last answer mail I got from"

Next answer: I cannot find... OMG !!!

2 days later: Yes, now I found the code, it is correct, I do not know anything about... OMG ... other dep... OMG

That's all in all more than a week now.

I never got across such a stupid corp. like Sportingbet.. remember,they wanted me back as a player...

Bw aware !

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