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May 13, 2009
To tell the truth I was not pampered at Pamper casino, so what the name suggests was not true in my case. I am writing this review to share the experiences of my recent withdrawals.

Recently I am waiting for the arrival of my second withdrawal. What made me upset the most is that every time you send a message to the accounting, you have to wait almost a week. It is stated in their support centre that a customer have to wait 1-3 working days for a reply. Yesterday was the third time I didnt get reply in that time frame. During my previous withdrawal I submitted a ticket, (that is the way you have to request a withdrawal, not in the cashier), and I didnt get reply. After several days (beyond the promised 1-3 days time frame) my ticket became overdue, and when I asked the live support about what to do now, they recommended me to wait more. It was disappointing to hear that, because why waiting more when the ticket is classified as overdue? It means they simply ignored my withdrawal request. I became angry then, and I told them if they dont pay till the end of the week I will make complaints at different forums. They paied until the end of the week.

By the way during that withdrawal I requested my deposit back and forfeited my bonus. When I requested the withdrawal I aksed the general support about if it can be done, the general support replied quite fast, and the told me, everything depends on the discretion of the manager because after starting to play I accepted the bonus terms. Only days after I discovered in the terms and conditions, that it is written: the bonuses may be forfeited any time and deposits are paid back, no matter if the wagering requirements were completed or not. So the customer service doesnt know the rules? Or they just wanted to delay the payment with the slow messaging service? Both option made me worried. But finally I received that money.

Later I deposited a again, met the wagering requirements, didnt do no risk bets, and requested a withdrawal. The second time I got reply, but still not in the written 1-3 business days, but after 4 business days, practically after 6 days, because weekend was included. But they just informed me after 6 days that I have to fill in the Credit Card Authorization Form (because I also used credit card in the past to deposit) and send the scans of my Credit Card and an ID card. Okay I sent the documents to the email address that was written on the authorization form to send the documents to, 3 working days had passed, actually 5 days along with weekends, and still no reply.

In the meantime I discovered that in the e-mail in which the Authorization Form was sent to me by the accounting it was written: I have to reply by the ticket system to that e-mail. So where to send the documents now, to the e-mail address written on the Authorization Form, or by the ticket system? Maybe I was sent this two option so that in case I use only one option, they can tell me I used the wrong one and do a delay of one more week? I fear about what will happen if I will have to resend the documents because they are not accepted for a reason. Every time I send a message, it takes about a week to get a message. So a withdrawal with a withdrawal request, a documents send in, and resending the documents will take about 18 days plus the days until the money arrives.

I would like to mention here that I already played in casinos where withdrawal took a week for example, and they replied me after a week to send in documents, but after sending them in there was no more dealy, so no more weeks again, my withdrawal was processed immediately. Here at Pamper it goes differently: one e-mail, one week. I also do not understand why they requested the scan of my ID again, when I already sent it to them a year ago. Did they loose it? I am also not sure if it is legally acceptable that a casino requires scans of IDs either. Do they have the right to ask such things at all? Does the law allow it? What would the consumer care agency say if I told it to them?

So this is the recent situation at Pamper. I think at least they should inform players about that a withdrawal may take weeks, that would be honest, and players would know what to expect then. Not just writing in the message centre that they reply in 1-3 business days that they never keep either.


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Mar 10, 2005
To tell the truth I was not pampered at Pamper casino, so what the name suggests was not true in my case.

Sorry, but you mis-interpreted the meaning of their name. They're named after the pamper diaper, not the literal meaning...:eek:

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