PalaceGroup: Year 2007 - first contact...or was it 2010...very strange

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Oct 30, 2007
Don`t know if this fits in this category.

I played again...yes yes, I know. I quit last week gambling...aaargh..
Anyway...I won..woohoo 2000!!

So I was quit nervous about my money. I decided as withdrawal method "click2pay".

After 2-3 days - my account resp.- my win was still on pending. I called andwrote those people whats the problem. No answer (after a day) so I took the phone and called them.
I hardyl couldn`t understand the girl. So I told her twice to speak a bit louder and slower, cause English isn`t my first language. Well, she wasn`t impressed at all. (and the line was pretty BAD).

The point is.
Why do I had to call the "Palace group" to get the information that they want some scanned documents?
The next thing is...I got a Mail asking if I had send the "depositdeclaration" (don`t know the correct english word for this).
So I decided to chat again....

The point is...and this is what lets me REALLY getting nervous about the whole business.
He said he will pass my request to the operationteam.

My question (which first meant to be funny) was why don`t they check their automatic process. Why didn`t they implement an automatic workflow/process in their paying-procedure?

Customer clisk on withdrawal --> check about needed documents --> not there --> mail to customer with ALL facts --> documents arrived --> check --> paying adviced

His answer...i thought he said...SMART ASS, "brilliant idea"..WHAT????
A group which handles bazillions of dollars are doing such things by hand?
I don`t want to sound as a smart ass, but this is really something that nees improvement.
Money - and we all know, money is something that seperates friends and families quicker than anything else. And further on - instead of machines - WE are making mistakes (on and on)..this would save a lot of trouble. You don`t have to invent anything new - this is businesspractice for a long time.

Ok, just my 2 cents. Just wondering and asking myself how many problems could be avoided with this??

Have a nice day


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Oct 14, 2004
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I too had this with the Palace group. They wanted an updated deposit declaration form, but again all I saw was a withdrawal stuck pending for several days. It was up to ME to query this, to be told they were "waiting for the deposit declaration form".

This is all too common, and I raised this with the Palace group rep at the time, and I am not impressed that nothing seems to have been learned from that incident.

It is a simple matter to ask players for these documents, and casinos do themselves no favours by expecting players to be telepathic. Often, when players are expected to use ESP to determine that documents are needed, most do not have good enough talents, and their ESP misleads them into thinking that the reason for the stuck withdrawal is a very serious problem, probably due to an intention to avoid payment, or accuse the player of fraud.

The problem is compounded as even where documents have already been supplied and approved, a request for updated documents can be triggered. When this is not passed on to the player, the player believes the issue must be something else, as they have already provided documents.

This case has been made worse as the OP does not have English as their first language, but had to discuss this over a very bad phone line with what seems to be a low level CS rep who perhaps did not really know what the issue was about.

Why do casino support centres have such BAD phone lines. I have found I am on some TERRIBLE lines in the past, the worst ones are where everything you say echo back to you with a half second delay while you speak, and the CS rep speaks in a whisper and an accent that may be hard to understand.

Palace group support are in South Africa, and I am not sure why there are bad lines there, unless they are routed strangely, or are in some out of the way area. Jackpot Factory are in Israel, and this is where I get the "echo back" occasionally.
The echo back MAY be where the staff are sloppy, and have speakerphone on and too near the mouthpiece. Couple this with a satellite link at some point and you can get your own voice fed back to you as feedback, with the satellite link giving the delay.
Other bad lines could also be due to satellite routing, although more likely to be where part of the call is transmitted wirelessly, such as over a microwave link to a more remote location or exchange.
The quality of line can also be affected by your own provider, but if it was at the player's end, it should affect many of their calls.


I have alerted Dean to this, who can pass this to the rep here (Darran). Is it the case that you have sent documents and have been paid, and are just raising this as a point for discussion?

If you have not resolved this, you should PM Darran (Palace Group) who should be able to sort this out via PM (Documents in, and cash out).

If you think this was bad, you should take a look at the threads relating to the ineptitude displayed by Click2Pay, nothing has happened since (other than no recent complaints) that makes me think things have become any better.
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