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May 12, 2006
New York

I have had an open dispute with Montana against Palace of Chance Casino for what is now 5 months. The dispute has been in the "Final Findings" status since 21-Jun-06, but I have never seen the final findings.

Below is the shortened version of the dispute with all emotion set aside. It contains both Bonus & Non-Bonus issues, but the nuts & bolts of the dispute is surrounding a non-bonus issue.

I deposited $100 to receive $179 bonus on 10-May-06. Won around $800 while playing with the bonus. (I believe i met wagering requirements by this point), then I deposited another $900 before cashing out at $3690 (I realized that ithis is questionable according to the rules, and dumb because the maximum cashout allowed while playing with that bonus was $1000).

Players cannot redeem additional coupons if you have a balance or pending cash out, unless previous agreement with management. Any special agreement will be confirmed by e-mail. Players are not entitled to accumulate slots bonus points (such as the Frozen Assests Snowflake Bonus and the Diamond Mine Deluxe Bonus) off of any type of casino promotional money/comps with the intention of hitting the previously acquired win with a deposit with no bonus or a no maximum cashout bonus.. Such wins will be considered null and void and will be removed from the player's account, and their deposit returned.

Upon attempting cashout with a balance of $3690, the casino approved $1000 (Maximum Cashout for the bonus), voided $1790 in winnings, and redopisited the $900 I had put into my acount while playing with the bonus.

With that $900 that was redposited (and no extra bonus), I won a total of $4010 for a total amount of $4910 in my account, and an already approved withdrawal of $1000.

Attempts to cashout were denied at this point, and POC eventually withdrew $4010 from my account to just leave the $900 redeposited by the manager. I withdrew the $900 which was approved for a total approved withdrawal of $1900, and $4010 that was then removed from my account by a POC manager (grand total of $5910). I only received $1653 from the approved withdrawal of $1900 which was $247 short, making my total dispute claim rise to $4257.

POC countered that back in march they had made an error and allowed me to cashout a non-cashable bonus of $175. I then reduced my claim by $175 to a total of $4082. I have received several offers to settle the dispute for roughly $2500 and have repeatedly denied these offers as I feel I am owed the full $4082.

I invite the casino to respond as to why I am not owed the money as well as to why this dispute has already lasted over 5 months.
I got cold feet... Accepted a previous offer to settle as I wanted to receive something now that this ban is in effect.
Hi Doober,

I am having a huge problem with Club Player Casino, a sister of Palace of Chance (see my thread on this forum) You have my sympathy.

Many of the posts on this board have a common theme. No reputable casino should be using rules designed to protect themselves from bonus abusers to "trap" regular players into lose-lose situations. It happens over and over, and there is only one way to stamp it out. If users call these operators out on the carpet everytime they do something shady, eventually word gets around. The Intercasinos of the world will eventually win out over this kind of behaviour.

Here's a tip that I can't stress enough, for all playing members of the online casino community. ONCE IT IS CLEAR A CASINO IS NOT ACTING ETHICALLY AND PROFESSIONALLY, IMMEDIATELY STOP PLAYING THERE.
Get this...

The casino is trying to twist my words as to the $2455 I settled for...

I agreed to lower my dispute from $4257 to $2455, and the casino now only wants to pay me $802, which is the $2455 - the $1653 they have already paid me separate from the dispute.

As this has already dragged on long enough, I decided not to wait another few days for an answer and re-opened my dispute with Montana.
I now received $802. I opened up another dispute with Montana.. Hope this one gets closed within a few days as it is almost 6 months since I opened the dispute.
I now received $802. I opened up another dispute with Montana.. Hope this one gets closed within a few days as it is almost 6 months since I opened the dispute.

If you've already recieved the money and are willing to give it back to them in order to recieve the full amount, you may have a chance...

They may also consider that $802 payment in full.....If it was sent via Neteller, I'd consider calling them and getting the transaction reversed.

Good luck, hope you get it all!
Doober's experiences should raise a warning flag for everyone regarding Palace of Chance as an online casino management that not only lacks respect for players, but tries to negotiate downwards its obligations to those players.

This is not only unprofessional imo - it's damned dishonest!
I deposited the $802 as I want to see some money, but this is not the deal I settled for. Prior to receiving this check, I re-opened a dispute on Montana.

I have no reason to believe that depositing the $802 will make me lose my chances of receiving more money. I am hoping that it is the first in a series of payments once Montana makes its decision. The new dispute has now been open over a week with no response.
The re-opened dispute has now been sitting with Palace of Chance for almost 3 weeks.

I wish Montana had some sort of timeline they used to follow up with casinos as my dispute has been open over 6.5 months now!
Has there been any updates to the new Real Time Gaming Disputes website? I've had my complaint in over 8 months still unresolved now...

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