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Dec 5, 2003
Got $10 no deposit sign up bonus from Palace of Chance. Turned it into $1500. Now they say I can only witdraw $50 and that the rest I can use basicly as play money. Did not have this problem with Jackpot City that promptly payed me $2500 under similar circustances. Any one else run accross this? Is there any way to make a deposit, bet it for a while to recoup some of the $1450 I feel I fairly won? Any ideas would be a great help.
Hi Thomas; From one California gambler to another welcome to the forum.

As I'm sure you are aware Palace of Chance is an RTG (REAL TIME GAMING) casino and that group is not well known for it's ethics or reputation for paying players.

Have they provided you with anymore of a reason as to why they are refusing to pay? Have a good one.

Thanks cipher. This is the email I received:

"In regards of your request I'm afraid that the maximum amount that you
be able to cash out will be of $50 the minimum will be $25. As stated
on the
rules for the $10 free promotion.

Enclosed you'll find the link where you can get access to the rules:
Old / Expired Link

Please know that the rest of the balance will remain in your account so
can play in the casino."

When I signed up the only stipulations I saw about the bonus was that I had to play through 8X, craps and roulette didn't count and that BlackJack (where I won most of the $1500+) counted at 50% of playthrough amount. Does anyone see a way through these bizarre rules if I make a deposit and play through that I will be able to "really" use any of my winnings? I'm kind of new to online gaming and was shocked at my treatment by this casino especially after the great treatment I got from Jackpot City. I don't really want to throw good money after bad if you say that RTG is not very ethical.

the rules are very specific in stating that you may only cash-out a maximum of $50 won with the free $10.

there appears no way to keep the rest and if you do want to deposit and play further take particular note of 'In the event that a player accrues more than $50, players must request a balance adjustment prior to making additional deposits, or winnings will be limited to an additional $100 on additional deposits.' - you dont want to get caught out twice!

Best of luck
Hi Thomasx26, unfortunately I've got to agree with vgyhnji's assessment of the Palance of Chance's rules incident to their $10.00 offer. But it's not surprising at all when it comes to Real Time Gaming. I would suggest that you stay away from any of the RTG casinos, as the plain and simple fact is that you'll run across fifty bad ones for every good one you find. Again, welcome to the forum and don't be a stranger. Have a good one.

Thanks for all the input guys. From what I hear I'll be lucky to even get to $50 that they say I can withdraw. The question I have is if the following is true
"In the event that a player accrues more than $50, players must request a balance adjustment prior to making additional deposits, or winnings will be limited to an additional $100 on additional deposits"
If I deposit $10 can I eventually get $100 more out of them. But again from what I hear fromyou that may be throwing good money out for bad.
By the way balance of "Real Money Account" is now over $3000.
New with online gaming. Under any circumstances shoul I sent any money to an RTG site (especially Palace of chance? See my thread about me signup bonus winngs. Thanks
I beg to differ..I won a nice sum from Crown Vegas and was paid in a timely manner. So there is at least one honest RTG that I'm aware of..
Vickie40, On-line Casino Complaints here at this forum. Ninth selection down. You'll find no less than than (4) sets of archives pretaining to CROWN VEGAS and their not so stellar reputation.
Have a good one.

Need to report that Palace of Chance finally approved my withdrawal request of $50 much less than the $8000+ that I eventually turned. They at first denied my request but after I made a post in the complaints Forum 2 hours later they emailed me that my request was approved. Just wish I was treated by Palace the same was I was treated by Jackpot City. Under similar circumstances ($10 no deposit sign up bonus) turned $3000 in a few hours. My contact with them was very friendly and genuinly congradulator. Very swift payout.
End result is I have deposited more money and played ay Jaqckpot City but would never deposit to Palace of Luck.
Thanks Thomasx26
If you're consistantly turning $10 into $3000 and $8000 then why aren't you depositing $10 of your own and doing it??? :confused:
Twice in the last year is hardley "consistant." I am disabled and have a lot of free time to try many casinos and take advantage of their signup bonuses. I do make deposits to online casinos but have yet to turn anything like those profits. I like to play poker so it's difficult to make that kind of hit. I live in a town with many brick and morter casinos so most of my play goes there.

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