Palace Group closes US accounts, but read on


Dormant account
Feb 2, 2006
Dear Brian,

I regret to inform you that, due to legal uncertainty within the USA
regarding online gaming, we have no alternative but to suspend
accepting deposits into your casino account, trfr**********, with
immediate effect.

In addition, your casino account will be locked within the next 24 hrs
- no later than 9am ET. (1pm GMT.) on Friday, October 13th.

Until then, your account will remain open and we wish you the best of
luck in your farewell gaming sessions.

Having provided many years of fair, honest and enjoyable gaming, it is
with deep regret that we are forced to take this course of action.

Rest assured, should the legal uncertainty change in any way, we will
reassess the situation with a view to providing you with a premier
online gaming experience once again.

Note: should you have a remaining balance in your cash account once it
has been locked, please contact our Support Team using the email
address below, to arrange for funds to be paid via a method of your


As Casino Manager, and on behalf of all at Ruby Fortune, I would like
to personally thank you for your loyalty up to now.

Kind regards,

Debbie Taylor
Casino Manager

Astounding, completely astounding.
I probably don't need to remind players, but ... if you've got enough loyalty points, redeem them and play!
Hey, Palace Group! Us UK players must be REALLY valuable all of a sudden, eh? Fancy tempting me back into Spin Palace with a nice fat bonus?? :D

Seriously though, this is crazy. I dread to think what's going to happen Stateside... Unbelievable turn of events.
Palace was one of my favorites. They offered decent bonuses almost every week giving lowrollers like myself a chance at winning something occasionally. You guys should keep them going.
Sad Day

Hi all,

This has been a really sad day for us.
We have all worked to create a top casino and having to close accounts is not something we are enjoying.

Unfortunately I can't comment to much on the legislation itself but assure you all our players are valued and hopefully things will change and we can open our doors to the USA again soon.

I am always available on the forum should any of you want to chat.

Kind regards,

The Palace Group

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