Feb 18, 2021
recently i went to PALA RESORT FOR GAMING TABLE N UN NEED MONEY BUT I MAX MY DAILY LIMITS WITHDRAW $ from my account. so i i try the DEBIT ADVANCE from the ATM inside the Casino. first it for my PIN# than the amount i put $500 with fee $520 The ATM approved it n the display screen instruct me to go to the counter/cage/cashier for the fund ( no receipt or any print out giving to me from the ATM). i go to the cage n give them my I'D n the card n told them the ATM approved the amount for $500 debit advance. than they ran on the system with my bank debit card n i was informed the system did not clear the fund due to a past dispute i had with them i told them i did not remember anything that long n said the ATM approved n has taken money from my bank account( i did used my phone to loggin to check the fund n it has taken $520 by the CASINO PALA RESORT). the cashier give me the number for ASIS for the issue n i did call then n ASIS rep told me to file a dispute with my bank. has anyone has this issue my bank recently just give a provision credit bank into my account. i am still worry cause i did approved the amount with my PIN through ATM even it approved but NO MONEY WAS DISPENSE. HAS THIS HAPPEN TO ANYONE'S???