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Sep 14, 2001
This referral site was mentioned some time ago I think re bogus praise from satisfied members.

The site operates a rating of casinos for which the member is paid initially $25

Are any members getting paid?

My own situation is that I am owed for two rations and e-mails are simply ignored.

Site owner appears to be a Peter Bontage but he has become very quiet.

Any news would be welcome, and perhaps this serves as a warning for others to not use this company.

Can you be specific? What's the name of the casino? To me, it sounds like a Virtual Casino;it's about ten of them and I have played at about six whenever I get spammed. Virtual Casino always gives away 25.00 free bonus to download and play. Once under 1cnp casino, I got 45.00 free just for signing up. The latest Virtual casino is Just Win or something close to that and they gave away 25. just for downloading. If Virtual wants to throw away money on their many bogus casinos, I'll play with their money. But I wouldn't dare deposit any money at these sites for the very reason you stated. You should have just played with their money and spent your money at a good reputable casino. Read some back articles on this Forum and you might fine the name of your casino in the Rogue section. And if it was a virtual casino, good luck. Check the archives. good luck. :oops:
I should have made it clear that Paid To Gamble is not a casino site but a rating club similar to The Casino Rating Club which incidentally is extremely good.

At P2G you review and rate participating casino's and receive a payment of $25. You have to deposit and play $100 and get to keep any profit/bonus.

I have rated approx 6 casino's and received payment, but the last two have not been paid and do not seem that they now will.

My message is really to warn others to stay away and at the same time of course give P2G the bad press they now deserve.

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